How can you spot a fake PayPal or eBay website?

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People lost a lot of $$$ becasue they have typed their ebay or paypal user name or password, I have been on a fake paypal website myself, and it looked exactly the same as the real one, and I can't believe there's a word paypal in the URL link, but I know straight away that it is a fake website, how?

Because I have the ebay toolbar, it is so useful that when you're on the real ebay and paypal website, there's a light on the toolbar which will shown as green, if you're on a fake website, the light will be red, if you're on any other website such as google, the light will be off, also, the toolbar will instantly tell you if you type your ebay password in other sits other than ebay!

to download it for free, go to the homepage, at the bottom right hand side of hte page, there's a link called ebay toolbar.

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