How critical is eBay Feedback?

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How critical is eBay Feedback?

The Feedback tool provided by eBay is absolutely critical for buyers and sellers alike. It would not be unfair to say that this is the most used tool on eBay. The only way a potential buyer can judge the trustworthiness of a seller (and vice versa) is by reading the feedback that they have gotten from previous customers.

eBay, like all other websites on the internet, is where people buy ‘sight unseen’. This means that customers do not actually get to see their product before they purchase it; neither do they get to meet the person selling the item. It thus becomes very difficult for buyers to know whether or not a seller and his items are genuine. Faced with such a situation, the only option available to them is to rely on the feedback system.

Over the years it has been established that eBay feedback is a true reflection of any buyer or seller on eBay. Yes, there could be specific exceptions to the rule, but by and large the feedback left by customers is genuine and honest. Thus, if an eBay seller has great feedback and a high rating, their auctions will do really well and vice versa. Good feedback is thus not only important, but absolutely critical!

In order to ensure good feedback from customers, make sure that customer service is great. Do not lie in product descriptions and do not get into the habit of overcharging for shipping or handling. If you are honest with your customers and deliver great products, your feedback is sure to reflect that.

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