How do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

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Himalayan Salt Lamps have very special properties. It is known that Himalayan Salt is highly "Hydroscopic", meaning that it readily draws moisture from the air. The warmth of a 7watt globe (or 15watt globe in larger lamps), gently warms the Salt Lamp and causes a chemical change of the water on the surface of the lamp. The water evaporates off the lamp and is 'negatively charged'. Dust is positively charged, so the negative ion is attracted to the positive dust and renders the dust too heavy to remain airborne, so it drops to the floor. Your air is clear of dust, and it's now on the floor. Much better on the floor instead of in your lungs!
Also, there is anecdotal evidence that Himalayan Salt Lamps 'Harmonize' electromagnetic radiation. We have received customer reports that they feel much better when they place larger sized lamps near a large TV screen or computer monitor. To date there is no science the verify this, but it seems to work.
So, please enjoy your Himalayan Salt Lamp from Salt Lamps Australia.

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