How do I make Melt & Pour soaps?

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Basic Renascent Melt and Pour Soap Instructions

You have 2 methods of melting your Renascent White or Clear soap base, on a stove top or in the microwave:

Step 1 - Preparing the area:    You will need a double boiler. This can be a smaller saucepan inside a larger one or a stainless steel bowl on top of the sauce pan.
1.       Make sure there is some water in the base of the double boiler
2.       Roughly chop up the desired quantity of soap you wish to melt and place it in the top of the double boiler (away from the water).
3.       Over a reasonably low heat, allow your soap to melt, gently stirring as you go
Although not recommended, I have also placed my soap base directly in the base pot and allowed it to melt over a gentle direct heat. It seems to have worked quite well also.

For the microwave:

Place your microwave on medium for 3 minutes and stir any unmelted pieces through. You may need to repeat this process a couple of times depending on quantity of soap you are melting.
*NOTE - With some Melt & Pour soaps - if you melt it over too high a heat / too quickly, or let it cool to rapidly (eg - freezer) when your soap sets it will form ‘beads' of sweat  on the soap and ruin the appearance.

This is caused by the glycerine in the soap drawing moisture from the air to the soap - this no longer occurs with the soap base from  crystalmoonlight04 Renascent College / Crystalmoonlight04 ebay link

Step 2 - Add Colors / Fragrance:     
1.       Once the soap has melted you can add colors, fragrances, buttermilk powder or florals if desired. Ensure that the soap is gently heated as the hotter it is the more rapidly your fragrance will evaporate. Add a few drops of your chosen fragrance / essential oil(s), smell and apply to your own preference. *Take care - if you take a deep breath and your oils are evaporating, you will inhale them and this can be most uncomfortable.
2.       Add a few drops of your chosen Renascent Soap dye, you can mix the dyes to achieve different colors.
We recommend Renascent pigment dyes, although alternative colors can be used, such as food grade colors, however the colors may not ‘fix' to the soap as well, causing people to slightly dye their skin on using the finished soap. Also certain food grade colors will fade in different lighting, eg - certain colors fade when exposed to sunlight, others when exposed to moonlight. Over time food dyes will ‘bleed' into the color next to them also - eg - if you made a soap art with red in one section and yellow in another, over a short period of time the entire soap will become a ‘peach' color.

Our soap dyes have been especially formulated to blend well and remain true in soap making. *Take care - you will only need a drop or 2 for lighter colors, you can always add more as you go.

Step 3 - Add Botanicals:     
1.       If you wish to add botanicals or flower petals, gently mix them through. *Remember, botanicals will sink to the bottom of your mold in most cases and if you use a lot of very fine botanicals, they can become caught in body hair when using the soap and create an unpleasant experience.

Step 4 - Molding:        
1.       Ladle or gently pour your melted soap into the molds.
2.       Place aside to set. If you are in a hurry you can place in the fridge, however this may cause some sweating on their removal. Allow to set for at least 5 hours, preferably overnight.
3.       Pour into your molds - and spray the top with rubbing alcohol (available soon from renascent - meanwhile you may like to rty using Witch Hazel) to get rid of any excess bubbles.

Step 5 - Unmolding:    
1.       Turn mold upside down and gently press in the centre, the soap should easily release and come away from the mold, leaving you with a shiny beautifully finished cake of soap. Allow to harden for at least a day (preferably several weeks to prolong use) and then delight in a beautiful bathing experience.

Congratulations - Your soap is now complete.

We supply a beautiful range of high quality soap bases, dyes, silicone moulds, cosmetic grade mineral powders

Our soaps contain NO palm oil (no rainforest damage) & will not sweat or bead

We look forward to assisting you to create terrific soap art

crystalmoonlight04Renascent College / Crystalmoonlight04 ebay link

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