How do you work out the shipping cost?

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How do you work out the shipping cost?

It is important to work out the shipping cost of your eBay item before you create your listing. Many sellers do not give an exact dollar amount for shipping but require buyers to pay the actual shipping charges, whatever they may be. However, buyers hate bidding on such items with unknown shipping charges and are likely to find a new listing.

To know the shipping cost of your item, you can simply weigh it and use one of the online calculators that are available on websites of most delivery services such as Fedex, Royal Mail etc. Although the cost may not be exact, it is a good ball park figure for you to start with. Simply add a few cents to this cost to keep yourself covered. And if your listing says shipping + handling, then this additional charge is acceptable to most buyers.

If you live in a location where you cannot make use of the online postage calculators, you should simply go down to your local post office and get your item priced for shipping. You will have to go through this process as it is once your item is sold. So, better to do it in the beginning so that you can at least provide an exact shipping cost to your buyers.

Another method that people use to calculate shipping is to work it out on their own, especially if they have shipped similar items in the past. However, if you have calculated wrong, you will have no one to blame but yourself and will not be able to charge higher shipping to your buyers.

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