How does a Vibration Massage Machine work

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The movement of the vibriation plates stimulate the body's natural stretch reflex. This is similar to the knee jerk reaction that occurs when the knee is tapped by a reflex hammer, without thinking your body responds with a strong involuntrary muscle contraction leading to your leg kicking out.

With the Vibration Massage Machine these strong muscle contractions can be repeated at rapid rate. Due to the involuntary effect of the muscle contraction nearly 100% of the muscle fibres are used. Compare this to working out at the gym where there is only on average 40% of your muscles working.

This benefits the rehabilitation patient looking to add stability and strength to all muscles around their joints. It benefits athletes looking to maximise strength gains. It benefits the average person looking to tone up and lose weight and cellulite.

The gentle rapid contractions allow the muscle to work as a pump introducing blood to even the smallest blood vessels. This leads to the ability of the body to carry off waste products much faster leading to increased circulation.
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