How eBAY PayPal have helped me to sell stamps WORLDWIDE

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This GUIDE will allow Australian Sellers to benefit from my experience in SELLING STAMPS OVERSEAS, over the past 12  years on eBay, since that  Saturday in November 1998.


With an eBay green star rating ( 7700+ ), and having been involved in over 13,500 separate transactions, I succeeded because I always sell WORLDWIDE, and I use eBAY USA, eBAY UKeBAY IrelandeBAY France, as well, eBAY Australia.

Aside: ( a word to the wise). There are many GUIDES on eBay. They are there to help you in all aspects of selling/buying in the thousands of categories on eBay, not just stamps.

BUT AS IN ALL MATTERS RELATING TO ADVICE, EXPERIENCE COUNTS. AND EBAY EXPERIENCE COUNTS DOUBLY. So, as a word of caution, GUIDES THAT ARE WRITTEN BY newbies  with FEEDBACK RATINGS OF (0) AND UP TO (100) can not have seen or experienced as much as someone with a feedback rating of  (1000+). So, I would suggest being careful about anything that these NEWBIES recommend, explain or suggest.

BEFORE eBay / BEFORE PayPal: ( 1996 - 1998)

  • there were many auction sites
  • most sites had no listing fees
  • transactions took 3-4 weeks to be completed
  • most overseas buyers sent me US$ notes
  • some sent me cheques, which then were expensive to cash

eBay ( Since November 15, 1988)

  • immediately more viewers saw my auctions (more hits)
  • auctions became more competitive, and resulted in higher $ sales
  • I continue to sell items worldwide and on various eBAY overseas sites

PayPal ( Since June 7, 2001)

  • no more cheque payments
  • very few US$ note payments
  • quick turnaround with items posted and overseas buyers receive merchandise quickly
  • ease of transfer from PayPal account  to my Bank account in Australia
  • more concerted bidding from overseas buyers

IMMEDIACY:  Successful eBay SELLERS don't simply sell many items, but also ship fast. Australian bidders paying through PayPal, get their items quicker.

EXAMPLE: This weekend a Launceston, Tasmania client bought some stamps on Saturday. He opted for the EXPRESS POST option (to speed things up further).

I received the payment Saturday night,

  • packaged the envelope Sunday,
  • Monday morning the item was posted
  • Tuesday, expected delivery date (THAT'S FAST)

2ND EXAMPLE: 2nd Bidder bought stamps on Saturday. He opted for Bank Transfer.

  • Money appears in my bank account Tuesday morning
  • Earliest that the item is posted Wednesday morning
  • Using this method increases the delay in shipping

3RD EXAMPLE: 3rd Bidder bought stamps on Saturday. He opted to send a Cheque/MO.

  • Cheque is received 5-10 days later
  • Cheques take 3 business days to clear, so posting is further delayed
  • Earliest item is posted is usually 2 weeks
  • This METHOD is least RECOMMENDED.


  • PayPal quickens the delivery time for overseas buyers
  • Some BUYERS only search for listings which offer PayPal.
  • Overseas buyers bring increased bidding levels
  • With over 1400 Different Client PayPal Transactions
  • take it for me...
  • PayPal does work...


  • PayPal does not combine multi-currency purchases.
  • I'm forever working with buyers to reduce their postage costs
  • and to combine, so that they can make one single PayPal payment
  • But I now offer FREE POSTAGE on most lots, and that has increased sales remarkably.

PayPal FEES:

  • You get what you pay for.............
  • I want quick turnaround for my clients ( they get it)
  • I want to be able to ship quickly (Paypal helps)
  • I want happy customers ( over 9,250 positive feedbacks)
  • I want repeat customers ( I get them)


  • Always use WORLDWIDE as an option, but add country exclusions, as required.
  • Diversify by using an overseas eBAY site, to attract more bidders
  • Always offer PayPal ( since this was written, it has become obligatory to offer PayPal)

NOTE: This is an unsolicited GUIDE, as I want to give back a little to eBay & PayPal for all the joy that they have given me over the past almost 13,500++ transactions.

P.S. I hope that Australians using eBay will find this GUIDE useful. My other eBAY GUIDES may help you further.

LASTLY: If you have any questions about what I have written here, please contact me. I'm only too glad to help, if I can. Leo

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