How essential is it to watch the competition on eBay?

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How essential is it to watch the competition on eBay?

As is the case with every business on the plant, it is essential that you watch your competition on eBay too. By watching your competition we do not mean that you spy on them unethically or try to sabotage their listings in any manner. Instead, what we are referring to is to be aware of the moves that they are making so that you can benefit from smart ideas too.

By watching your ebay competitors, it is possible for sellers to come up with newer sales strategies that may help them to sell more items. If you do a search on eBay to determine who your top competitors are and watch their moves, you may get an idea as to what you are doing wrong and why you do not feature as high as them in search results.

For example, let us assume that you are analyzing the best listings of your toughest competitor. While doing so, you realize that he always uses a 5 day listing period for his products and they sell really well. On analyzing your own listings you find that you are using a 10 day listing period for the same product. Thus, by watching your competitor, you could come to the realization that a simple thing such as shortening the duration of your listing could get you better sales.

Similarly, you can get many other valuable inputs by watching the competition (those ahead of you, as well as people behind you) that could enable you to devise better business plans and ideas.

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