How to Accessorise a Long Sleeved T-shirt

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How to Accessorise a Long Sleeved T-shirt

T-shirts are a comfortable addition to any woman’s wardrobe. The Long sleeved T-shirt is a great item of clothing, and is available in a variety of different cuts and styles, which can flatter any body shape. Often worn underneath other items of clothing to keep the wearer warm, it is also possible to wear a long sleeved T-shirt as a main fashion statement. In order to do this, it is vital to know how to accessorise this garment of clothing.

The choice of different accessorises available to accompany a long sleeved T-shirt is endless. eBay offer a great range of choice ready for immediate purchase. This guide offers practical advice on how to accessorise a long sleeved T-shirt.

Different Types of Women’s Long Sleeved T-shirts

Before being able to accessorise a long sleeved T-shirt well, it is important to know about the different styles available. The main changing factor in long sleeved T-shirts is the neck. The following table offers an insight into the different neck styles available on the market.

Boat Neck

A boat neck is a shallow rounded scoop. It has a slightly wider neckline than the crew neck and runs a horizontal line between the two shoulders, which frames the neck.  Sometime a boat neck will sit off of the shoulders.

Scoop Neck

A scoop neck offers a deeper scoop than the boat neck. It has a rounded arc between the shoulders that creates a wide frame for the neck.


The V-neck line is exactly what the name suggests. It draws a ‘V’ shape, coming to a point in the middle and front of the T-shirt.

Crew Neck

The crew neck is the most common T-shirt neckline. It creates a round circle around the neck.

How to Accessories a Long Sleeved T-shirt

When looking to accessorise a long sleeved T-shirt, it is important to take into consideration the occasion the outfit is going to be worn to. For example, an outfit required for a formal occasion will require different accessories than one who is having a casual mooch around a high street. Pick the right style T-shirt that achieves the look one is after, as well as one that can be worn under a jumper or jacket, if required.

Fabric and Hemming

Before looking at additional accessories, the choice of long sleeved T-shirt is vital. When looking to purchase one, pay close attention to the following:

· Hemming: The hemline on a T-shirt can create contrast. Different types of hems create different looks. For example, curved hemlines are shorter on the side and longer at the front and back. This is a flattering option for women with wider hips.

· Fabric: Different fabrics will create a different look and feel to any outfit. Often the choice of fabric will influence the outfit. For example, silk fabrics are more suited for formal occasions; cotton is casual and linen is better in hotter climates. Different fabric choices include but are not limited to:

o   Acrylic

o   Chiffon

o   Cotton

o   Denim

o   Flannel

o   Jersy

o   Lace

o   Leather

o   Linen

o   Nylon

o   Polyester

o   Rayon

o   Silk

o   Viscose

o   Wool

o   Satin

o   Velvet


Long hanging necklaces are a great accessory that can match up well with a long sleeve T-shirt. The length of the long hanging necklaces can complement, and work in partnership, with a long sleeved shirt. Given the sheer range of long necklaces, it is possible to find any number of different designs, styles or hanging pendants to suit any preference, personality and budget.


A scarf is a perfect accessory to jazz up any outfit at any time of the year. Traditionally scarves are worn in the cooler months to keep the wearer warm, but it is possible to find lighter scarves suitable for warmer months. Alongside scarves for any weather, it is also possible to purchase a scarf of any colour or pattern. Scarves come in a range of different sizes and cuts, which can be worn a number of different ways.


Bracelets are a great stand-alone accessory or can be matched up with necklaces, scarves, earrings or handbags.


Long sleeve T-shirts are great for cooler months underneath a short or long jacket. With a wide range of different cuts and fabrics available, it is possible to dress a long sleeve T-shirt up or down whilst staying warm.

How to Buy Long Sleeved T-shirt Accessories on eBay

eBay’s extensive range of both long sleeved T-shirts and accessories make it the perfect place to shop. Not only does it have extensive choice, but it is also a safe and secure site. eBay is an easy to use site suitable for all ages. This section of the guide will offer a starting point for how to use the site effectively.

· Search: The first point of call when using eBay is to search for the product wanted. There are a number of different ways to search on the site. The most visible way to look for an item is by using the keyword search bar located at the top of every page. This is a great way to search when using broad search terms.

To the right of this search bar is the advance search function. Alternatively, it is possible to search using categories. All products for sale on the site are automatically categorised into pre-existing categories by eBay, ready for perusal.

· Checking the Product: Once a search has taken place and the perfect long sleeved T-shirt accessory is located, the next step is to check that the item is exactly what one is looking for. The seller will provide a description and photo of the product – if using this, it is possible to cross-reference the product and check its quality and suitability. If there are any outstanding questions it is possible to use the ‘ask the seller’ facility to gather more information.

· Refunds and Exchange: Adequate research will mean this won’t be necessary, but just in case, it is advisable to check the refund and exchange of the seller.  This will troubleshoot any possible issues that may arise in the future purchase. eBay offer a buyers protection policy for all buyers on the site.

· Purchase: Like any normal shop it is possible to pay using credit or debit card. However, eBay also partner up with PayPal. PayPal are a third party company that assist eBay by facilitating the monetary and goods exchange. All options are safe and secure.

· eBay Deals: eBay deals is a sister site to eBay that offer additional deals. Be sure to check if there are any deals on accessories suitable to accompany long sleeved T-shirts.

· Additional Information: If one requires any further assistance, eBay offer information on the buyers tip page.


Long sleeve T-shirts are a great garment of clothing suitable to be dressed up or down, for whatever the occasion requires. Matching accessories to a long sleeve T-shirt is as individual as the wearer themselves.

eBay‘s extensive range of accessories means that there is something to suit everybody’s personality, budget and taste. All that remains is to find the time to search the site for any number of accessories that will not only vamp up one’s long sleeve T-shirts, but are versatile enough to be worn with other outfits.

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