How to Add Multiple Gmail Accounts to Samsung Galaxy S3

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How to Add Multiple Gmail Accounts to Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is ideal for multitasking and multi-functionality, particularly for users who want to do more than make phone calls. Its design is such that users can access multiple screens and run several applications at once. It is even possible to add multiple Gmail accounts to the device, making it easy to access the information stored in any Google app. To enjoy all the Galaxy S3's capabilities, users need to link it up to all their important accounts.


Access Multiple Email Accounts with the S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a standard email app. It will store login information for multiple Internet-based email accounts, including Yahoo and Gmail. The email app enabled on the smartphone will also allow access to Outlook. When new messages appear in the primary inboxes for accounts linked to the email app, the Galaxy S3 will send a notification. This feature is configurable through the settings menu.
According to Galaxy users in the Android forums, the phone's email app is not the only option for accessing mails. There are other ways to access multiple Gmail accounts with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Gmail app, which is downloadable in the Google Play store, is very user friendly and made for multiple accounts. Other third-party email applications will also access Google mail. Users who already have a favourite email app can download it to the phone from the Play store and link it to the Gmail accounts they use.


Multiple Gmail Accounts and Apps

To add multiple Gmail users to the email app, open the app first. Upon first-time use, the app will ask users to which account they wish to link the app. However, once adding that first account, it is necessary to open the menu to add another. The menu button is the touch-sensitive button to the left of the main centre button at the bottom of the phone. Once this menu is open, select Settings. At the top, click the option to add a new account and follow the instructions.
The same app is usable to access the different accounts. Use the menu button to switch between accounts in order to check different inboxes. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also allows users to customise their home screen pages with different apps. The widgets menu is usable to add the same app to the screen several different times. Each occurrence of the app is linkable to a different email account.


The S3 and Multiple Functions

By design, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will do several things at once, even when it comes to accessing email. The Pop Up play feature makes it possible for users to watch videos while emailing or texting. The 4.8-inch HD display offers minimalistic design to create a large viewing screen, so users can see all the different things they are working on at once.
The S3 is not available in a huge variety of colours. Most models are available only in blue or white. However, many different cases are available from third-party vendors. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is also available in the Mini version. This version has a smaller, 10cm AMOLED display. It is very similar to the S3 and has many of the same features, including Pop Up Play.


How to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 on eBay

Look for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on eBay to find the right smartphone at the right price. eBay has a wide selection of S3 phones and accessories. To start shopping, use the search tool and enter "Samsung Galaxy S3". If you need to search for a specific mobile carrier, add this to the search string. For example, "Samsung Galaxy S3 (AT&T)" should yield only phones that work with your chosen carrier. Learn how to use all your phone's features, and link it to all your online accounts, to get the most out of having a Samsung Galaxy S3.

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