How to Adjust Bindings on Snowboards

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How to Adjust Bindings on Snowboards

Snowboard bindings operate in a similar manner to ski bindings, with the primary difference that both bindings are set onto one plank. The process for adjusting snowboard bindings is dependent upon the type featured on the snowboard. There are three main varieties of snowboard foot bindings: strap bindings, speed-entry bindings, and EST bindings. Snowboard bindings should always be adjusted when wearing snow boots, which tend to have more padding and less give than other shoes or boots.


Common Snowboard Binding Parts

Snowboarders should be familiar with the basic snowboard binding parts with descriptions of each. While these parts may appear differently on different types of bindings, their general placement and purpose is the same in all cases. A highback is a solid element of plastic, which mounts to the base of the footrest, cupping and protecting the Achilles tendon. The straps are positioned over the boot and secured to the footrest of the board, while the baseplate is mounted to the board and positions the feet correctly.
The correct positioning is to place the booted foot atop the baseplate, with the heel pressed back against the highback, and then to lace straps firmly over the boot. Some boards may have the baseplate placed facing different directions or spaced to different widths. Baseplate direction, angle, and width can be modified using the screws at the bottom of the board.


Adjusting Strap Bindings on Snowboards

Strap bindings are common, and typically feature two or three straps which manually buckle over boots. These straps are mounted to a baseplate with a stiff highback. After opening the straps, position booted feet comfortably on the baseplate, with the heel back against the highback. Then simply bend down and manually buckle to straps. Adjust the heel setting first, using the straps to the left and right of the heel to either pull the heel forward so that the baseplate fits your boot perfectly, or release it to allow more room. Snap the buckles closed when the fit is snug and then turn to the over-boot straps.
Tighten them until they are firmly snug against the boots, with absolutely no give. Do this by pulling on the tail of the strap, working the excess lead through the doubled-over loops. Manual buckling of snowboard bindings can be difficult when wearing snow gloves or mittens.


Adjusting Speed Entry Bindings on Snowboards

Speed entry bindings can be identified by a less-rigid highback, which can recline under pressure. This allows the wearer to tighten or loosen the bindings to the optimum fit once and then simply slip their feet back through the highback. This means the snowboard may be quickly put on or taken off.
Adjusting the bindings is done in the same fashion as strap bindings, with the key difference that the heel may require adjustment. This involves turning the board over and manually screwing the back of the highback into position based upon the preferred style of riding: forward or zero degree.


Adjusting EST Bindings on Snowboards

EST bindings are found only on Burton snowboards, and involve the use of the revolutionary channel mounting system. This channel mounting system involves easily adjustable snaps rather than traditional straps. This allows for the easy movement of the highback and heel, as well as the tightness of the straps, even when wearing snow gloves or mittens.
The procedure is similar, but rather than manually needing to pull loose tails snugly through fitting rings, the straps and backplate simply snap into one of dozens of positions. This allows for a limitless combination of heights, widths, and stance options.


How to Buy Snowboards on eBay

The only thing easier than adjusting the bindings on a snowboard is buying one on eBay. Many different styles and brands of snowboard are available on the website, and refining general searches is very simple. For example, "training snowboard" narrows results to boards of a novice weight and width, while "156 cm snowboard" returns a board of a specific width. It is always a good idea to check on shipping costs and to review the product details before making a purchasing decision.

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