How to Anchor a TV to the Wall

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How to Anchor a TV to the Wall

TVs are not the huge and bulky devices they were a few years ago. Almost every modern TV has a flat screen and is thin and lightweight. Many consumers choose to save even more space by eliminating the hassle of a TV or entertainment stand and using an anchor or wall mount. This helps to optimise their viewing experience by anchoring the TV in an ideal position. Consumers who are knowledgeable about the different steps of anchoring a TV to the wall can easily complete this do-it-yourself task.



The first step in taking on this project and anchoring your TV to the wall is gathering all the necessary supplies. You only need a few simple supplies for this task:

  • Mounting bracket
  • Stud finder
  • Blanket
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Power drill with screwdriver attachment
  • Power screwdriver (optional)
  • Manual screwdriver
  • Bubble level

You can purchase these supplies in any condition, whether brand new or used, and from any brand name you prefer.



Before you can begin to anchor your flat-screen TV to the wall, determine where you wish to mount it. When searching for the perfect location, it is best to consider a few things such as natural lighting and a comfortable viewing location. Do not place the TV anywhere that natural lighting throws glare on the screen. It is also important not to place the TV too high on the wall, where it can strain a viewer's neck.

Protect mthe TV

Place the TV on the ground to prepare it for mounting. Place a soft blanket, at least the size of the TV, out of the way on the floor. Wrap the blanket around the TV to protect it during installation.


Mount the TV

Attach a mounting bracket directly to the back of the TV as directed for that particular model. Use the tape measure to find the exact centre of back of the TV and attach the bracket using a manual screwdriver. Use the stud finder to find a stud in the wall, which is the correct location to mount the TV securely. Use the measuring tape to find the centre of the stud and make a small mark in that location with a pencil.
Next, put a mounting bracket on the wall. Make sure that the bracket matches the pencil markings on the wall and check with a bubble level. Hold the bracket firmly and screw the bolts directly into the wall with the power drill, using the screwdriver attachment or a power screwdriver.


Attach the TV

All of the setup is now complete. The last step is to attach the TV to the wall. Match the bracket on the back of the TV with the bracket on the wall and attach them. Make sure that you have secured all screws and bolts tightly without stripping the threads.
If you do not want to look at the cords under the TV, consider purchasing cord covers to match your wall and conceal any visible wires.


How to Buy TV Bracket Supplies on eBay

Finding supplies to anchor a TV to the wall is simple when you buy from authorised sellers on eBay. Just type in the desired keyword or phrase into the search bar, which appears on every eBay page, to receive a list of all related items for sale. Use the result refinement tools to narrow your search by the location or the price. If your search needs more than just filters, try using specific keywords in the search box, such as the brand, model, condition, or colour to narrow your results.

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