How to Apply BareMinerals Eye Shadow

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How to Apply BareMinerals Eye Shadow

BareMinerals, also known as Bare Escentuals, is at the forefront of the wave of mineral makeup that has dominated the cosmetic industry. Using a proprietary ingredient called SeaNutritive Mineral Complex, along with antioxidants and other nutrients in a mineral formulation, bareMinerals eye shadow offer natural and vivid colours in shadows with a silky texture. That formula and consistency makes them easy to use. With the right tools and an understanding of the basic concepts, it is easy and fun to explore the range of possibilities with this natural cosmetic line.



No artist can accomplish the task at hand without the proper tools. BareMinerals brushes work with the unique mineral powder texture and consistency of bareMinerals eye shadows. These commonly used brushes come in a range of shapes and sizes designed for customised application.




Wet/dry shadow brush

Apply wet for an opaque, foiled effect

Apply dry for a softer finish

Contour shadow brush

Smooths eye shadow along the crease

Precise highlighting under the brows

Crease-defining brush

Double-ended precision brush

Wet or dry

Pointed end allows for detail, highlighting, and liner shadow application

Tapered, contour shadow brush end sweeps colour along the lower lid

Full tapered shadow brush

Full, opaque coverage

Lower lid coverage

Crease contour

Double-ended shaping brush

Large-angled brush for maximum coverage from lash to brow line

Small-angled brush for filling in smaller areas such as upper and lower lash lines

Eye-defining brush

Angled brush head for precise detail and blending in the crease

Eyeliner brush

A fine point for a precision line with maximum colour saturation

Use wet or dry


Experimenting and learning to work with various types of brushes allows you to create a wide range of different looks for various occasions.



When choosing shades of eye shadow, select three to four shades that complement each other to create a nuanced and contoured look. Choose a light highlighter shade, at least one medium shade, and a darker shade for the crease.

Achieving Flawless Application

The makeup artist's industry secret to flawless application and long-wearing colour lies in using primer. The first step should always be to apply Prime Time Eyelid Primer from lashes to brow. This ensures even application of mineral eye shadows and prevents creasing for long wear. Keep it in your makeup case.

Daytime Look

Choose from a neutral palette of colours in brown, taupe, or greys. Apply the highlighter shade, the lightest colour, just under the brow bone. Apply a medium tone over the entire upper lid from lash line to the brow bone. Apply a thin line under the lower lashes to brighten the look.

Use a precision brush to apply the darkest colour into the crease of the eye from the outer corner, dabbing inwards. Use the remaining shade to line the eye with small strokes that blend into the lash line.

Evening Glamour

Choose a neutral or colourful palette that includes a shimmer colour in a light to medium shade. Highlight the brow bone with the lightest colour. Sweep a medium/light tone in a wash of colour from lash line to the eyebrow. Then, using a more precise brush, apply a medium/dark tone from the lashes to the crease. Using the darkest shade and a defining brush, apply to the crease from the outer corners working in.

Take the shimmer shade such as a golden hue and apply it to the inner corner of the eye, top and bottom. Line both the upper and lower lash line, blending the liner colour both above and under the wet line of the lower lashes.

Smokey Eye

For this eye-catching, party-ready look, choose dark, dramatic shades and colours. Begin by highlighting the brow bone. Then take the next darkest shade and buff the colour with a defining brush from the lash to just above the crease.

Build the smokey-eye look by using the darkest shade from lash line to the crease, buffing it into the contour. Take the darkest colour and line both the water line and just below the lower lashes to complete the look.


Buying BareMinerals Eye Shadow on eBay

Sellers on eBay carry a range of bareMinerals eye shadow products separately and in makeup kits. You can find them by searching the bareMinerals product category as well as by looking for specific products, shades, or product types such as highlighter. You can also search for the look you want, such as 'bareMinerals smokey eye'. While the small pots of colour and application methods may seem unfamiliar at first, with a little practise and the right brushes and tools, it is easy to achieve a range of looks in bareMineral's rich and vibrant colour range.

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