How-to Apply Bronzer

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It’s surprising how many women don’t use bronzer because either they don’t know how to apply it or they don’t really see the need. Bronzers make brilliant multi-taskers as they can be used to give a radiant, sun-kissed look, cover imperfections and contour and shade the face to draw attention away from the features you don’t like and accentuate the parts of your face you do like.
For best results use a bronzer and highlighter in conjunction with one another. Here’s how:

Using bronzer for a natural, sun-kissed skin

For this you’ll need either a bronzing powder, loose bronzer or bronzing pearls. Take a large bronzer brush and sweep the bronzer across your forehead, down the length of your nose and across the tip of the chin. The idea is to apply bronzer to the areas of the face that naturally attract the sun. You can also use the ‘figure 8’ method; start at the centre of the forehead and move the brush out and around, in a backwards C motion, coming in just under your cheekbone. From here move the brush back out and around and finish up just under the jawline. Do the same motion on the opposite side of the face.

To avoid a bronzing blunder always tap the brush before you apply to the face and go easy on the colour. Best to build it up than go in too strong to begin with.

Bronzers are great for use during summer as you can achieve a golden glow safely, but don’t ditch your bronzer come winter. Using bronzer throughout the cooler months is a great way to prevent a pasty white complexion and keep your skin looking healthy.

Using a bronzer for contouring

Believe it or not bronzer can help you to achieve killer cheekbones. You need a matte bronzer that has no shimmer pigments and is slightly darker than the shade of bronzer you would use all over your face.

Using a soft, angled brush [ We love Chanel Les Pinceaux De Chanel Angled Powder Brush ], start at the outer corner of the cheekbone (near the ear) and brush the bronzer [Try: Laura Mercier Bronzing Powder ] just under the cheekbone. Use your finger to blend the line of bronzer up onto the cheekbones.

To open and brighten eyes, pop a little bit of bronzer in the inner corner of the eye.

To disguise a double or sagging chin, apply a little bronzer underneath the chin, simply by swiping the brush under the chin.

To create the appearance of a shorter nose, brush bronzer across the tip of the nose and if you have a wide nose, you can help it appear thinner by sweeping bronzer down the sides of the nose.

The trick is to use the bronzer sparingly as you don’t want to end up with streaks all over your face.

Bronzer alone has a myriad uses but if you team it with illuminator you can achieve a really radiant look. Highlighters, shimmers [Try: Youngblood Lunar Dust in Sunset] or illuminators should be added to areas of the face that you want to accentuate such as cheekbones, the brow bone and even on your cupid’s bow to create fuller, glistening pout.

Bronzers aren’t just for women; Jane Iredale offers Bronzer For Men. Formulated to add natural colour to the face while also hiding blotchiness, rosacea or redness, they also offer SPF 18. We all need a bit of colour in the warm summer months!
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