How to Apply Camo Face Paint

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How to Apply Camo Face Paint

It is important for users to camouflage their faces when wearing camouflage clothing to complete the disappearing act. The human face is highly recognisable, even in a wooded area. This makes proper application of camo face paint essential. Hunters, outdoorsmen, military personnel, and people wearing costumes rely on camo face paint to conceal their faces. After selecting the right products and learning a few specific application techniques, users can conceal their faces just as thoroughly as they disguise their figures.


Areas to Conceal

Instead of wearing a palette for the environment. For example, applying wood tones for use in a desert location will not work. Also, consider the season. Applying greens for a fall outing is not as effective as applying brown face paint to blend into the autumn colours. Typically, three different shades work well.


How to Apply

Applying camo face paint in specific ways helps hide the features of the face. Hunters, outdoorsmen, and military personnel choose waterproof camo face paint. This eliminated the need to reapply throughout the day and helps protect the face paint from rain and sweat. For costume use, however, choose a formula that washes off easily.

First Colour

First, warm the first shade by rubbing hands together. If the paint is too thick, add water to thin it out. Apply a thin layer of the lightest shade in the palette across the entire face, hairline, eyebrows, eyelids, and neck. Remember to cover the ears front and back. This step helps reduce the face's natural shine and lays a foundation for the rest of the camo paint.

Second Colour

Next, tackle the naturally dark areas of the face. Warm the second shade similarly to the first. Apply it in thin layers to dark areas. Focus on the areas beneath the eyes, nose, and bottom lip. For example, if the first colour is light brown, use a darker brown at this step.

Third Colour

Finally, attend to the naturally light areas of the face. Warm the third shade and apply it in thin layers. Focus on the centre of the forehead, parts of the cheeks closest to the nose, and the parts of the chin not covered with the second colour. For example, if the second colour is dark brown, use dark green face paint here.



Camo face paint makes the face completely undistinguishable. Therefore, do not apply it using traditional makeup techniques. Traditional makeup enhances the face rather than disguises it. Instead, be more random and uneven. Avoid making both sides of the face appear symmetrical. Blend the neck and jawline as well as possible, trying to disguise the basic shape.

Use a few lines of the second and third colour on the neck and ears. If the final application still resembles a human face, continue to add patches of the second and third colour to break up the flow of the face.


How to Buy Supplies to Apply Camo Face Paint on eBay

When you are ready to tackle applying camo face paint, turn to the reliable sellers on eBay for your purchase. Start your search by typing 'camo face paint' into the search bar found on any page. Refine the search by colour and formula, such as liquid or compact face paint. Enter specific terms such as 'camo face paint' or waterproof face paint'.

Before ordering your supplies, consider the environment where you plan to hide. Choose colours and a formula that suits the situation. With the right product and technical application, you are able to blend into just about any environment.

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