How to Apply Wallpaper

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How to Apply Wallpaper

For those who enjoy incorporating dynamic patterns, colours, and even textures into a space, wallpaper remains a popular home design idea. While many know how to paint a wall, DIYers may not be too familiar with the process of actually applying wallpaper. Fortunately, applying wallpaper is a simple matter of learning a few tricks and working with the right tools. DIYers can benefit from sidestepping brick-and-mortar vendors and looking for wallpaper accessories on eBay.


Assemble the right tools

In addition to the wallpaper itself, DIYers need to have a few essential tools on hand to help in applying wallpaper. Key items include:

  • Wallpaper brush
  • Wallpaper tray
  • Light grit sandpaper
  • Utility knife
  • Oil-based primer

Additionally, it is helpful to have a gallon of interior house paint on hand that matches the colour of the ceiling in the room. This helps ensure that the wallpaper transitions seamlessly to the ceiling at the top of the wall.


Prep the wall

After clearing all furniture and accessories out of the room, the first step is checking the wall for any irregularities that can affect the wallpaper. Look for paint blotches or plaster that sticks out above the flush surface of the wall and sand them down with sandpaper so the wall surface is entirely smooth. If there is a gouge in the surface, make sure to fill it in with drywall compound. Next, take a paint that matches the ceiling colour and paint a strip several centimetres wide at the top edges and corners of the wall. Wrap up wall prep by applying an oil-based primer to the entire surface of the wall.


Prep the wallpaper

Prepping all of the wallpaper needed for a project in advance saves time and makes the process more efficient. Prepping the paper involves taking measurements in addition to activating the adhesive on the underside of the wallpaper.

Measure the wallpaper

The first step in prepping wallpaper is to measure and cut lengths of wallpaper that are approximately 15 centimetres longer than the height of the wall. At the same time, starting from one corner of the wall, measure out a width that is about 6.5 millimetres narrower than the width of the wallpaper, mark that point on the wall, then use a plumb line to draw a straight vertical line down the length of the wall.

Soak and book the wallpaper

Roll out each section of wallpaper into tubes with the adhesive side facing out, and then submerge each roll in water in a wallpaper tray for 15 seconds. Next, unroll each tube on the floor with the adhesive side up and fold the ends in to meet at the middle, activating the adhesive and making each section of wallpaper easy to carry around. Store prepped sections of wallpaper in a plastic bag to use as needed.


Apply the wallpaper

The first section of wallpaper applied to the wall is the most crucial because it ensures that every piece that follows hangs perfectly straight. Using the vertical line as a guideline, apply a section of wallpaper to the wall. Use a wallpaper brush to smooth out the surface of the paper along the way, removing bubbles from underneath the paper and working in a vertical fashion, as horizontal strokes stretch wallpaper out. Keep a wallpaper sponge on hand to wipe up excess glue. Apply the rest of the sections to the wall, ensuring that each section is straight and flush with the previously applied section.


Finish the wallpaper

Once all sections are up and after letting the wallpaper set for at least 15 minutes, use a seam roller to press down the wallpaper at each seam. Checking the original corner where the first piece of wallpaper went up is important since the paper often wrinkles there. Using a utility knife to cut small openings in the wrinkled paper can solve the issue. Make sure to work from the paper out toward the corner and ceiling. Finally, use the utility knife to remove all excess wallpaper from the base and first corner of the wall.


How to buy wallpaper supplies on eBay

DIYers have access to a wide array of wallpaper supplies from reliable sellers on eBay. To find anything from a wallpaper brush to a utility knife, run a keyword search in the search bar found on any page on the site. Applying wallpaper is a straightforward and easy process. With the right tips and supplies, anyone can add a bright touch of colour and pattern to a room.

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