How to Assemble a Bench Press

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How to Assemble a Bench Press

A bench press is an essential piece of equipment for any home gym. This type of weight bench gives owners a place to perform basic strength-building exercises with free weights and dumbbells as part of their fitness routines. Unfortunately, unless they buy a display model or pay someone to assemble the bench, owners must put it together on their own. Although it seems daunting, customers easily assemble a bench press if they organise the parts and supplies and know how to securely connect all the pieces.


Gather Supplies

Customers need some basic tools to assemble their bench presses. With a set of screwdrivers, ratchet wrench, hex key, and rubber mallet they have what they need to securely fasten the bolts and screws. The bench press's manual details the types and sizes they need.


Organise the Parts

When the bench press arrives in its box, customers need to remove the pieces to make sure they have everything they need to assemble the bench. This includes larger parts like the bench seat, support beams, and posts as well as the bolts, screws, nuts, and washers that hold them together. Each part is essential to the strength and construction of the bench press. Owners need to inspect each piece carefully to make sure they have no damage and are the proper lengths.

Bolts, Screws, Nuts, and Washers

Most manufacturers sort and label the fasteners, making it easy for customers to find the ones they need for each step. Customers who discover the bolts and screws in a single bag must take a few minutes to sort them. An egg crate, bowls, or plastic bags work well to keep the pieces separate.


Assemble the Bench Press

After verifying they have all the parts, customers assemble the bench press. They start by connecting the cross brace and upright beams using the appropriate bolts and washers to hold the pieces together. When put together this part forms a U shape. The next step is to attach the support beam and posts by connecting them to the insertion points indicated on each piece. At this point, the bench looks like a metal frame. In the final step owners attach the bench seat to the support beam and secure it in place.
If the bench press has additional equipment like a preacher pad attachment or leg curl stand, owners install them last. These pieces attach to the front post with bolts and locking pins.


Tips for Assembling a Bench Press

Before assembling a bench press, customers need to consult the manufacturer's manual. This lists the parts and tools they need to put the bench together as well as an outline of the suggested steps for doing so.
When using bolts to assemble the bench press, owners must place washers between the bolt heads and metal. The washers improve the bolts' grip and protect the metal beams from damage.
As they put together the equipment, owners need to avoid completely tightening the bolts and screws immediately. If they find that they incorrectly installed some pieces and need to go back a few steps, they then have the ability to easily remove the screws and correct the problem.
However, after they assemble the entire machine, customers need to tighten the bolts and screws securely with an appropriately sized wrench. They do this by turning each bolt and screw, using sufficient force to lock them in place.


How to Buy a Bench Press on eBay

eBay is a great source for all types of home fitness equipment like bench presses and weights. To find a bench press enter the term in the search bar and view the results. As you read the item descriptions, look for details like the brand name and features that meet your lifestyle and fitness needs. Additions like leg and arm curl stands let you perform more exercises on the machine and help you save space in your fitness room. With your new home gym in place, you have what you need to meet your fitness goals without leaving home.

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