How to Attach a Buckle to a Belt

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How to Attach a Buckle to a Belt

Most people use a belt for a variety of reasons. Not only are belts useful items, they are also fashion accessories for both men and women. When used as an accessory, they make a fashion statement. With some belts, it is even possible to change the belt buckle to complement an outfit. Making this change depends on the type of belt and the type of belt buckle. Attaching a new belt buckle is a simple process of matching the belt and buckle type, then attaching the buckle to the belt.


Belt Types

High-quality belts often have belt buckles that are interchangeable. These belts come in several different styles. The belt type and buckle type need to match. Some belt types have one line of holes, others have two, some have no holes at all, and others are woven or canvas. When purchasing a belt for a changeable belt buckle, look at the buckle to make sure the belt has the correct ends and number of holes.
The loop side of the belt is normally called the left side. Most belts have the buckle on the left and the side with holes on the right. The exception is woven belts, which have no holes. The bar or tongue on these pushes through the weave. The right size belt best complements the belt buckle. The buckle should sit around the third hole in the belt.


Buckle Types

There are quite a few different types of buckles, but most of them follow the same standard shapes. The name for the type of belt buckle comes from the type of clasp.

Single-Lock Tongue Buckle

This buckle is the most common interchangeable belt buckle. It has a loop on the underside with a single locking tongue. Insert the tongue into a hole in the belt to buckle the belt.

Double-Lock Tongue Buckle

This buckle is also very common. It is just like the single lock, but instead of one locking tongue, it has two. Insert the two tongues into a belt with two rows of holes to buckle the belt.

Heel Bar Buckle

The heel bar buckle consists of a loop and a bar. The loop is where the belt anchors, and the bar goes through the hole in the belt and closes it. This style comes in heel bar, heel roll bar, centre bar, and centre roller bar. Each style attaches to the belt in the same way.

Lever Belt Buckle

This style uses a loop and teeth to attach to the belt. The loop threads through the belt, and the other side of the belt threads through the lever clasp. Closing the lever clasp buckles the belt.


Attaching Buckles to Belts

Most belt buckles have a loop that attaches to a clasp on the belt. Attaching them is not difficult. Start with the underside of the belt and belt buckle facing upward. Open the loop on the belt. This involves opening the clasp or clip on the left side of the belt. Thread the folded clasp end of the belt through the loop on the belt buckle. Close the clasp, locking the buckle in place. This procedure works for most belts with interchangeable buckles. A canvas double-sided belt is the only exception. The canvas double-sided belt attaches to a double-sided lever belt buckle.


How to Buy Belt Buckles on eBay

Buying belt buckles on belt buckles. Then click on an item to view it or purchase it. If you want to narrow your search, such as for 'leather belt' or 'metal belt buckle', change your search terms. Just remember, when accessorising your belt buckles, have fun with it. You can always mix and match buckles and belt styles and create a whole new look.

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