How to Back Up Your iPhone Apps

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How to Back Up Your iPhone Apps

When you buy an app for your iPhone, you want to make sure you’re able to use it forever – even if your current iPhone gets lost, broken or replaced by the next generation device. Luckily, Apple has thought about that already and has made backing your apps up as easy as buying them in the first place.


How to Back Those Apps Up

Whenever you buy an app using your Apple ID, Apple takes note of your purchase and remembers it later on. In general, any app you buy is forever saved to your Apple account and can be re-downloaded later on without paying. That means you don’t have to remember what you bought or when, you just have to make sure all your Apple purchases are done using the same Apple ID.

You can save not only your apps, but where they are on your home screen by creating an iCloud backup of your iPhone. To do that, go to the Settings menu on your iPhone, select “iCloud,” and then select “Storage & Backup” from the bottom of that menu. From there, you’ll scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Back Up Now.” You’ll need to have a decent amount of iPhone storage in order to successfully save a snapshot of your phone. If you don’t have enough, your iPhone will let you know and offer you the option to buy more.

Alternatively, you can also backup your iPhone by periodically connecting it to your computer and syncing your phone with iTunes. When you connect your phone to your computer using the included USB cable, it will ask you if you’d like to sync. If you’re not backing your phone up via iCloud, then you should plan on doing it weekly, if not daily, on your computer.


How to Access Your Apps Later On

When you get a new phone on eBay, you can access all the apps you’ve already purchased by selecting “Restore From Backup” from the options during the setup process. Not only will your phone be automatically loaded with all your apps in all the same places, but your contacts and photos will transfer over as well.

If you’ve deleted an app from your phone, you can always access it again through iTunes. Simply launch the App Store and navigate to the app as if you were trying to buy it for the first time. Rather than a price, you should now see a cloud icon with an arrow pointing down on the page. Click that arrow to download the app from the cloud and start using it at no cost.

Access apps you’ve purchased on your iPhone on your iPad later on by tapping the “iPhone Apps” tab within the App Store.

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