How to Bevel Pipe for Welding

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How to Bevel Pipe for Welding

Pipe bevelling is the process of forging an angle between a pipe and its edge. It is an integral part of welding. The act of bevelling makes it easier to link to pipes together. It also allows for a greater sense of structural integrity; bevelled pipes create welds that are sturdier and more capable of bearing weight. Once consumers purchase pipes from a reliable seller on eBay or at a local hardware store, bevelling it is not a difficult process.


Bevelling Equipment

The way to bevel a pipe begins with securing the proper equipment. There are different pieces of equipment required in order to create the bevelling effect; each piece of equipment takes a different approach in getting the job done. A file manually whittles down the edge of the pipe to the desired angle, which is time-consuming for large-scale tasks. Users can purchase a mechanised grinding stone to whittle down the edge of the pipe. While it is still a manual process, it is a faster process than a file. A bevelling machine cuts a bevel automatically into a pipe based on pre-set metrics. It is deal for bigger tasks, such as large-scale construction projects.


Using a File or Grinder to Bevel

When using a file or grinder, the first step to take is to wrap the pipe in a towel folded width-wise several times over. Next, place the pipe in a workbench vice to tighten it down as securely as possible. Place a speed square or a similar marking tool at the end of the pipe; this type of tool helps to determine the precise angle of the bevel.
Position the file or the grinder next to the marking device. If using a grinder, place one edge of the grinding wheel on the end of the pipe and adjust its angle until it matches up with the angle indicated on the marking device. After visually and mentally noting the angle, start whittling the pipe down to the desired angle. If using a file, this process simply consists of filing the pipe down by hand. In the case of a grinder, the whittling procedure consists of turning the grinder on and grinding the pipe down. In both cases, rotate the pipe in the vice once about a quarter of the pipe is complete.


Using a Bevelling Machine to Bevel

A bevelling machine does not require wrapping the pipe in a towel. Simply insert it onto the machine's rollers or its pipe cartridge and locked down securely. After locking down the pipe, use the machine's knobs to set and adjust to the proper bevelling angle. The machine takes care of the bevelling process when it is on, from cutting to the desired angle to rotating the pipe along the way.


How to Buy Pipe Bevelling Equipment on eBay

You can find all of the equipment that you need in order to create a perfectly bevelled pipe on eBay. The reliable sellers have a range of offerings to help you start that pipe-related home project that you have been meaning to do for some time. From pipes to important equipment, such as speed squares, grinders, and grinding blades, this wealth of equipment allows you to perfect your pipe bevelling skills until it becomes second nature. It also leaves you with no excuse for putting off that project for yet another week.

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