How to Build a Bed Head

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How to Build a Bed Head

The last place you go to sleep at night should reflect your true passions in life. While there are many ways to incorporate passion into a bedroom, one of the easiest is with a custom-built bed head. While there are bed heads available in many retail locations including furniture stores, big box stores, and online, you can easily create your own bed head with just a few simple supplies. You can also choose from among picket fence, photo frame, and night scene homemade bed heads.


Bed Head Sizes

Consider the size of the bed frame before building a bed head. While bed heads can be a little smaller or bigger, they should match the bed to look its best. Using this measurement as a starting point helps you decide what width looks best.


Bed Type

Width (cm)



Single extra long


King single








Super king



One option left totally to you is the height of the headboard. Some crafters choose to create a headboard that almost meets the ceiling, creating a focal spot in the room. Others choose to construct a tiny bed head so that it almost disappears.


Picket Fence

A picket fence bed head helps create a country atmosphere in the bedroom. Because it uses a piece of an old picket fence, this bed head has an authentic feeling. Start by separating each piece of the picket fence and cutting the pieces into random sizes. Scrub each piece with bleach water and allow time for drying.


Use scrap wood to create the header, sides, and bottom. Using screws inserted from the rear, attach them to a beadboard. Take some of the pieces and whitewash them, leave others natural, and paint some. Fill the frame with the pieces, creating a random pattern. Glue all pieces to the beadboard, leaving random small holes as desired.
Measure the small holes, cut pieces to fit, and glue them into place. Cover the finished bed head with a tarp and add weight to the top of it. Leave until dry, and then install the bed head by screwing it to studs in the wall.


Salvaged Wood Photo Frame

Many people enjoy displaying pictures of their loved ones in their bedrooms. If this describes you, consider a photo frame bed head made from salvaged wood. Cut all the pieces to the bed head's desired height. Sand and scrub the boards with bleach water. Lay a board the bed head's desired width on the work surface.
Measure and find the board's middle. Measure the photo's width and divide by two. Measure over that measurement and attach a short board on top of the long board, using screws inserted from the rear. Repeat to attach another short board on the other side. Add another vertical board to form the bottom of the frame. Attach remaining boards with screws inserted from the rear on the back of the vertical boards. Varnish, and let dry. Then, insert your photo and attach the bed head to the wall.


Night Scene

If you want to create a romantic theme in the bedroom or provide a night light for a scared child, a night scene bed head may be an ideal solution. Start by cutting a piece of plywood the desired width and height for the painted bed head. Paint the plywood a rich blue and let it dry completely. Apply a second coat of paint if needed.
Cut a moon shape out of a large paper bag. Use numerous screws to attach the moon to the upper half of the plywood, leaving the screw heads slightly away from the plywood. Near the bottom of the moon, drill a hole large enough to pull a string of mini-bulb Christmas lights from behind the plywood to the front. Touch up the paint and paint the screw heads.
Thread the lights through the hole, leaving the plug on the backside. Wrap the lights around the screws in a random pattern. Use hot glue to attach glow-in-the-dark stars to the remaining bed head. Attach the plywood to the wall with screws in the corners. Use four stars to cover the corner screws.


Buying Supplies to Build a Bed Head on eBay

Crafters can create a variety of bed heads easily. The supplies to make such bed heads are readily available through various sellers on eBay. Find paint, Christmas lights, or a picket fence by typing the name of the needed supply in the handy search box at the top of any page. Browse through the available selection, carefully reading the product descriptions that interest you the most. If you are in a hurry to get started, look for local sellers. These orders usually arrive faster.

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