How to Build a Dog Kennel

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How to Build a Dog Kennel

A dog kennel, also called a dog run, provides a secure place for the family pet to enjoy the sun or simply to rest. The kennel, with careful planning, can accommodate the dog in a corner of the garden, where it is easy to clean and is sheltered from bad weather. The homeowner should also consult the local planning council to ensure that dog kennels are allowed in the neighbourhood.


Dog kennel basics

A dog kennel needs both sun and shade to ensure that the dog is comfortable all day. It should be convenient to the house or garage and close to a spigot or garden hose. If no shade is available, cover a section of the kennel so the dog can escape the heat of the day. 

The size

Generally, a dog kennel ranges from 1/3 to 3 1/2 metres wide, 3 1/2 to 7 1/2 metres long, and at least 1 1/4 metres tall. The kennel's size may vary, depending on the energy level and size of the dog. While dog kennels are usually square or rectangular, an odd-shaped garden may require a triangular or trapezoid kennel to fit neatly into the space available.

The base

The base of the kennel may be grass, crushed gravel, concrete, or any combination of materials. Soft grass is easier on a large dog's joints. However, a concrete base is easy to clean with a garden hose or pressure washer.


Build the dog kennel

  1. Measure the space with a tape measure.
  2. Mark the corners and gateposts with stakes or landscaper's paint.
  3. Dig postholes at each corner, approximately 61 cm deep. If the dog is a digger, also dig a 30 cm deep trench from posthole to posthole.
  4. Pour 10 cm of crushed gravel into the posthole, and then tamp it firmly.
  5. Add half a bag of quick-drying concrete mix to the hole whilst a helper steadies a wood or metal post in the hole, up to the level of the adjoining trench.
  6. Use a spirit level to ensure that the post is vertical.
  7. Add water, and agitate it with concrete mix in the hole.
  8. Repeat the process at each of the other postholes after each post is held solidly in place by the hardening concrete.

Add wire fencing

  1. Attach wire fencing to wood fence posts with a heavy-duty staple gun and staples.
  2. Pull the fencing tightly against the posts with the lower 30 cm of fencing in the trench.
  3. Attach the fencing to the posts.
  4. Fill the trench with the excavated soil, leaving a space around each posthole.
  5. Tamp the soil firmly in place to discourage the dog's digging.
  6. Fill the rest of the posthole with dry concrete mix, and add water.
  7. Build up the concrete so that it forms a mound around the post. Rainwater drains off the concrete, helping to prevent wood posts from rotting.   

Use chain link panels

Prefabricated chain link panels fit neatly between the posts. Achieve this by measuring and placing the metal corner posts carefully.  

  1. Fill the postholes to the top with quick drying concrete mix and, if necessary, add additional concrete to a 2 1/2 cm wide by 30 cm deep trench under the fence line to prevent the dog from digging under the panels.
  2. Let the concrete dry.
  3. Attach the chain link panels to the posts with tension bands.
  4. Cover the tops of the posts with end post caps, tapping them into place with a rubber mallet.
  5. Add a gate with a spring-loaded latch to prevent the dog from pushing the latch up and escaping the kennel.   

Provide shelter

If no shade is available in the garden, attach a shade cloth panel with grommets to the top of the dog kennel. Add privacy slats on the windward or public side of the fence to shelter the dog and to prevent him from barking at passersby. Added coverage provides shelter for the dog from the sun, wind, and rain.


How to buy dog kennel supplies on eBay

Locating and purchasing supplies to build a dog kennel is easy when you use the search bar found on any eBay page. Using keywords, such as "chain link panels", "privacy slats", or "shade cloth", helps you find the essentials needed for a comfortable and secure dog kennel. After completing the kennel, you can relax, secure in the knowledge that your dog is safely at home and unable to wander away whilst you are gardening, out doing errands, or at work.

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