How to Build a Greenhouse

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How to Build a Greenhouse

The greenhouse serves as the home for young and tender plants, especially those grown out of their normal season. This is mainly designed to create a proper environment for the plant and for cultivation of the same.

It is usually made with plastic or glass-paned sloping roof and walls. This way, the temperature, light and even moisture can be easily controlled to give a balanced condition encouraging to the plants.
The greenhouse is best suited to grow plants of all kinds. The usual varieties are cacti, orchids and citrus trees. This is also a very ideal venue to implement plant research.

With its advantages, learning how to build a greenhouse is one skill one should possess.

Before starting the project, make sure you have the following materials:

•    PVC
•    Batten tape
•    Tubular steel hoops
•    Plants
•    Aluminum
•    Polycarbonate
•    Steel door hinges
•    Clamps
•    UV resistant film
•    Handles
•    Fiberglass
•    Galvanized steel
•    Wood
•    Plant racks
•    Adhesives
•    Heavy-duty wire
•    Glass
•    Nails

Before going further, decide on why you are trying to build a greenhouse: would it be for your hobby or to grow plants commercially. This will help you decide on things later as you build your greenhouse.

Decide the type and size of the greenhouse to be built. You can either have a freestanding or attached structure. A coldframe can be the best option for a small space. The sizes can range between 8-48 feet.

Plan the budget. This will also determine the type of material - aluminum, galvanized steel, wood, PVC, glass, fiberglass and polycarbonate - you will be able to use. You will also need other items such as tubular steel hoops, clamps, steel door hinges, handles UV resistant film, batten tape, heavy-duty wire and adhesives.

Next is to evaluate the site where you want to build the greenhouse. Make sure it gets adequate sunlight. Choose a location that would provide partial shade so that there is no excessive heat inside. Consider the aspect of proper disposal of water.

Prepare an architectural plan. It need not to be a professional architectural plan but a rough draft of what it looks like. List the measurements of each side of the greenhouse, the window size, the length of water pipes needed. Count the number of frames to be cut for the base, roof and sidewalls. Make the plan meticulously as it will result in a suitable greenhouse.

Level the ground well before you start erecting a greenhouse. After levelling the ground, begin from the base. Prefer to use plastic frames or wooden slats. Lay it on the ground securely of the size you have chosen. Measure it diagonally if you want a square greenhouse. Fix it by using galvanized nails and its plates. Keep space for water pipes as necessary.
Focus on sidewalls. Fix the glass, plastic or fiberglass frames tightly on the three sides first. Use galvanized nails and adhesives and ensure that the walls are strongly connected to the base. Make sure the material gels well.
After making the walls, you can go on with fixing the roof. Cut the frames as per your plan and join with the three side walls. Use nails and adhesives to secure it.
Place the entrance frame and window(s) on the fourth side. Put the hinges of the door and window with adjoining frames as per your plan. Use nails and adhesives again. Ensure that the frames on the four sides, door and window(s) are strong enough to withstand pressure.

Use the UV-resistant film to cover the greenhouse. Cover the door and window, too. Make use of the batten tape and wire as necessary.
Position plant racks. Leave some free space around it for walking.
Make electrical fittings on the sides as necessary.
Lay pipes for water supply and disposal as needed.

How to build a greenhouse may look complicated, but if one carefully follows the provided steps, one would realize how simple it is done!

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