How to Build a Scarecrow for Your Garden

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How to Build a Scarecrow for Your Garden

The ancient Greeks put the first wooden structures in their fields hoping to scaring birds away, and gardeners around the world still use the same idea. Scarecrows are effective in keeping predators at bay in many Australian gardens. Scarecrows work best when gardeners move them around frequently, have a noisy or reflective item attached, and the gardener changes the scarecrow's wardrobe frequently. The gardener can build a scarecrow by building a basic frame, dressing it in clothes, and accessorising it or building a high-tech scarecrow.



A predator is usually scared of people, and a scarecrow should look as human as possible. One method is to place a large post in the ground about the same height as a human. Then, attach a crossbar to the post to resemble the arms on a human. Creative gardeners have built them out of PVC pipe, industrial pipe, or bamboo pieces.
Changing out the base material on the scarecrow on a regular basis is one solution to keeping the predators guessing. The gardener should be able to move it easily so it does not become a statue.


The scarecrow should have a crossbar at shoulder height and at least as long as the shirt the scarecrow may wear. The gardener can add this crossbar by wiring it or nailing it in place. Then, the gardener can lash on additional poles or large tree branches to be the legs. If the gardener chooses to include a head, the gardener can use various materials including a stuffed old pillowcase or milk jug. Personalising this garden feature makes it fun.



Gardeners can choose to stuff the garden scarecrow, but it is not a requirement. Construct the stuffing out of various materials like rags, straw, or old clothes. The best practice is to use materials that do not decay in the weather.
Rotate the scarecrow's clothes on a regular basis to help keep the predators confused, and consider items that create movement in the wind, such as an old straw hat with a wide brim or a scarf that flutters freely in the wind to further confuse the bird. Long-sleeve shirts with tails that flutter in the wind are another popular choice. If the scarecrow looks the same every day, then the predator gets over being scared and starts eating the crops.



Gardeners should make sure to accessorise their scarecrows differently on a regular basis. Think about items that create movement to keep the birds guessing as to if the scarecrow is a human. Consider items that create a flash of light when the sun hits them such as wind chimes, strips of plastic, aluminium pie pans, and old CDs. Predators are often scared of many noises, so consider adding wind chimes or other noisemakers to the scarecrow. Change the larger picture on a regular basis by leaving a hoe propped against the scarecrow, putting a bike by it, or leaving the wheelbarrow near the scarecrow.


High-Tech Scarecrows

Some farmers install high-tech solutions in scarecrows. Regardless of the design created, the idea is to create a fear in the predator so they stop chomping on the plants. College students have created many of these designs and entered them into contests, but the gardener can take the ideas and use them at home.


Type of Scarecrow



Solar-powered harnesses the energy of sun to turn scarecrow periodically throughout the day

Surveillance camera

When surveillance camera built into scarecrow senses a predator, scarecrow fires a water cannon


When infrared eye sees predator, scarecrow produces ultrasonic waves of sound


When iPod senses predator, the scarecrow releases scent of predator animal's urine


Pop-up scarecrow uses timer to periodically pop up. This creates movement that keeps the birds and predators away


These scarecrows show the ingenuity of gardeners to keep predators at bay. Some rely on the animal's sense of smell, while others rely on the sense of movement. Still others rely on constant movement to keep predators away.


How to Buy Scarecrow Supplies on eBay

Gardeners use scarecrows to keep predators at bay and many use very ingenious ideas to create them. Rather you are looking to create a high-tech scarecrow or a traditional scarecrow, the best place to get the supplies that you need is on eBay. Start by entering the supply that you need into the conveniently located search box on any eBay page. Read the details of the product description carefully and make sure to consider the buyer's feedback. If the predators are already chomping away at your garden, consider those supplies offered by local sellers as they usually arrive faster.

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