How to Build a Wood Patio Deck

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How to Build a Wood Patio Deck

Consumers who wish to upgrade their backyard space can do so by building and installing a wood patio deck. One benefit of completing the project as a DIY project is complete control over all decisions. The first decision is to choose the type of wood, the size, the stairs and the equipment that will adorn it after the completion. Prior to installation, ensure that there is plenty of time and manpower on hand to help with the process. It is also important to have all tools available.


Choose the Type of Wood

The first decision consumers need to make in the process of building a wood patio deck is the type of wood to use. There is a variety of products available from which to choose. Redwood is naturally rot resistant, as are cedar and cypress. Pressure treated wood is also rot resistant, but that may vary depending on the type of treatment.
Consider these factors when choosing wood to build a deck. If a pressure treated product is the choice, consumers can apply stains to change the wood's look. There are several different types of deck stains and a vast variety of colours available from which to choose.


Install the Deck

Prior to installing the deck, ensure there is enough manpower on hand to help speed the project along. It is also important to ensure there is an alternative entrance to the property, to minimise interruption to the normal flow of the day as much as possible. Also, remember to check local building codes to ensure that the area allows for a deck. While checking the codes, it is also beneficial to complete the proper paperwork prior to beginning the project to allow for a smooth build.

  1. After purchasing the necessary materials, begin installing the patio deck.
  2. Create a sketch and a plan to follow. File this with the necessary local authorities.
  3. Dig the area for the footers for the posts that will hold up the deck.
  4. Place the posts and secure them.
  5. Create the joist structure.
  6. Lay the decking boards.
  7. Space the boards to allow for drainage.
  8. Stain the deck to preserve the wood.

After the deck is complete, add the stairs. As with the deck, ensure that all proper sketches, drawings and paperwork are on file with the local area.


Adding Stairs

Consumers who want to add a wood deck patio to their home also need to consider accessibility. Unless the patio is going to be at ground level, there is need for at least one step to reach the newly created structure. As with the deck itself, there are a few steps to adding stairs. Prior to working on this addition, make sure to have the proper tools on hand, which include:

  • Materials
  • Concrete
  • Water
  • Saw
  • Level
  • Framing square
  • Hammer
  • Decking screws
  • Stain to match the deck

Steps to Install Stairs

  • Determine the rise and run of the steps.
  • Prepare the concrete footer.
  • Cut the stringers.
  • Attach the stringers to the deck and footers.
  • Cut and attach the treads.
  • Construct the railings.
  • Once the stairs are complete, the deck is complete.


How to Buy Wood Patio Decking and Supplies on eBay

eBay offers the DIY consumer the opportunity to purchase many of the materials and tools needed to finish this project from trusted reliable sellers. As you research your options, consider the style you wish to achieve in the end. Remember that pressure treated products can be stained to transform them into a different type of product. For instance, if you want a redwood look without paying the price, consider pressure treated products that you can stain to look like redwood. Simply type your query into the search bar atop any eBay page to get started.

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