How to Burn Files to DVD-RW

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How to Burn Files to DVD-RW

Despite the exponential growth of cloud storage services, DVD-RW (rewritable DVDs) remains one of the most secure storage and backup formats available. Their large storage capacity is either 4.5 gigabytes on a single-layered single-sided disc or 8.5 gigabytes on a dual-layered single sided disc. A standard DVD-RW disc can be rewritten around 1000 times and the low cost of discs make it one of the cheapest storage formats available. They are particularly suited to storing music or video file formats, such as MP3 or MP4 as they can be recognised by DVD players (although not CD players).


Equipment Required to Burn Files to DVD-RW

Even with a basic understanding of computers, burning files to a DVD-RW disc is a relatively simple process. There are three things that are required in order to do this. However, most households will most likely already posses these:

  1. Computer or laptop with a DVD rewritable disc drive.
  2. DVD rewriting software installed on the computer.
  3. A blank formatted DVD-RW disc.


Computer DVD-RW Hardware

Most desktop and laptop computers manufactured in the past eight years come equipped with a DVD drive with rewriting capability. In many instances, this can be verified by checking to see if the drive has the DVD-RW symbol on it. Otherwise, it can be checked on a computer with the Microsoft Windows operating system by doing the following:

  1. Click ‘Start’.
  2. Then click the ‘Programmes’ Folder.
  3. Proceed to ‘Accessories’ and then ‘System Information’.
  4. In the ‘System Information’ window, click the + symbol next to ‘Components’.
  5. Users should then see ‘DVD-R’ written alongside the name of the manufacturer.

Most computers manufactured by Apple since 2006 such as the MacBook models come equipped with DVD-RW drives. However, there are some exceptions to this and they are being phased out on some new models. Apple computers without DVD-RW drives include:

  • All MacBook Air models.
  • All MacBook Pro Retina models.

However, those with either of these models can work around this by purchasing the Apple USB SuperDrive. This accessory will allow Mac users to burn files to DVD-RW discs.


Computer DVD-RW Software

Both Windows and Mac users have a huge range of DVD burning software to choose from. Many of these can easily be downloaded from the internet free of charge. Those who want to burn files to DVD should make sure that the size of their data does not exceed the storage capacity of the disc. They should also check whether there is any important data on the DVD-RW disc before formatting it.

Windows DVD Burning Software

For Windows users, some of the most popular software choices include:


A lightweight tool that can burn a number of formats including (CCD, CDI, DI, BIN, GI, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG, DVD, CUE, and PDI).


A useful and easy way to burn a DVD movie. It comes with a variety of menu options.

Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

A simple, no-nonsense way to burn DVD-RW discs that includes both data and video formats.

Mac OS X DVD Burning Software

Some of the top choices of DVD burning software for Mac users include:

Disk Utility & Finder

The default system software on OS X is ‘Disk Utility’ and this can be used to create disc images, while ‘Finder’ can be used to create DVDs with video or data.


The simple interface and powerful set features make Burn a popular choice.


Blank DVD-RW Discs

Many people can easily be confused by the variety of disc formats available. The physical appearance of DVD-RW discs are indistinguishable from standard writable DVDs and CDs. In order to purchase the correct format, buyers should check that the product is listed as a rewritable DVD.


Buying DVD-RW Discs and Drives on eBay

Once prospective buyers have decided upon purchasing either or both DVD-RW discs and drives, they can head to eBay Australia for a wide range of listings at great prices. To get started, they should head to the main eBay Australia landing page. From there, they can proceed to the Computers & Tablets section, then on to the Drives, followed by Storage & Blank Media sub-section. It is then possible to select from a wide range of products including blank DVD-RW discs and DVD-RW computer drives.



There has been an explosion of data storage formats and services in recent years such as cloud storage services, USB flash drives, external hard drives, and home server system. However, DVD-RW discs remain one of the cheapest, most secure, and reliable storage formats and are a good solution to secure important data and files.

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