How to Buy A Football Boot for Your Child

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By Peter Pupuncoski (owner of ebay store cheap-sportsgear )
It Is crucial when buying a football boot for you child to get the right size because your actually buying not for now but for the whole season.What I mean is, the child is still in the growing stage and sometimes it is unavoidable, you might have buy several pairs of boots to get them through the season.
If you do your homework 90% of the time you can probably get away with one pair.
Most of the Football boot manufacturers try to make the boots to fit most foot styles, but during the past 17 years I have noticed that they cater and manufacture the boots for world wide and not just for the Aussie market.
This is why it is important to choose the right fit and not the fancy new colour. Weather you buy the boots online or in your local shopping mall you have to ask questions and most importantly listen and observe  your child's reactions.
If his trying the latest colour and his walking as if his wearing mums high heels, those boots are probably going to do more harm than good even though he loves the colour and the latest style worn by Mr wonderful from Bazil.
Always take his footy socks, new if possible to try his new boots and allow a thumb width for growth.
It is best to buy synthetic boots for kids as they are easier to look after, and with the technology of today they are as soft and supple as leather.
Hope this helps if you have other pressing issues please get in touch with me, I am more than happy to help.
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