How to Buy Affordable Bike Seats

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How to Buy Affordable Bike Seats

Many people think it is normal to have an uncomfortable bike seat. While many seats that come on bicycles do cause discomfort, it is possible to swap them out for a new one that makes the ride much more enjoyable. However, it is advisable to ride the bike for several weeks before deciding whether or not to get a new seat. If the discomfort never goes away, then it is time to shop for a new seat. Many things determine the comfort of a bicycle seat and not all of it pertains to the part itself. Things like gender affect how the seat feels. Finding an affordable bike seat is easy if shoppers know what to look for.

Construction of Bike Seats

Bike seats, also called saddles, are fitted to the rider's needs. What seems comfortable to one person may not be comfortable to another. There are many factors that affect how the seat feels. Some of those factors include the shape, padding, durability, and cover.

Bike Seat Shape

Of course the shape of the bike seat is important. If it is too narrow, it causes pain, whereas a seat that is too wide causes chafing. Females tend to be wider than males so generally ladies prefer wider seats.

It is also important to view the profile of the seat. Some have more squared edges while others are rounder. How pointed and long the nose of the seat is makes a difference as well.

Bike Seat Padding

Some seats have foam or other soft materials that allow the seat to conform to the shape of a person's body. Others are hard and rigid. Seats with gel help relieve some pressure points. However, gel seats also tend to shift around with the movements of the rider. This is why performance bicycles typically have hard seats. It is important to realise that just having a padded seat does not ensure a comfortable ride. If the shape of the seat does not conform to the shape of the rider, there is still discomfort.

Bike Seat Cover

Not all saddles have covers. Some are a hard material such as plastic. However, it is possible to get a seat with stretchy material that moves with the rider. Leather and synthetic leathers are also an option because they are smooth and don't hinder the movements of the rider.

How to Choose the Ideal Bike Seat

There are several kinds of bike seats that are best for different riding styles. A person determines their riding style by how they sit on the bicycle. For example, a person who sits upright puts more pressure on the rear of the seat. People who lean forward feel the front of the seat more.

Cruiser Bike Seat

Cruiser seats are wide and padded. Gel inserts are common on these seats. Springs to absorb the bumps on the road are also common. They are best for people that like to ride more casually. Due to their width, people who sit fully up on the bike without leaning forward benefit the most from the shape of the seat. All the weight is on the saddle rather than the handlebars. Typically these seats are on cruiser bikes which have high handle bars to prevent the rider from having to lean forward.

Sports Bike Seats

There are men's and women's models of sports bike seats. They vary in style so some decisions have to be made on which is the best. The riding style that works best with the sports seats is a slightly forward position. Some of the weight is on the seat. However, some is on the handlebars as well. This means that a person's is seated on the rear and front of the saddle. The seats often have a medium amount of padding, narrow nose, and a medium width rear portion.

Usually these seats are on mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and flat-bar road bikes. Riders usually go longer distances and faster speeds than they would on the cruiser bikes. These bikes are for cruising rather than extreme riding, so a moderate amount of padding is best.

Racing Bike Seats

Racing bike seats are intended for the more extreme riders. These people lean forward onto the handlebars to reduce wind drag. There are men's and women's models available. Due to the riding position, people feel the front of the seat the most. Typically these seats have minimal padding to reduce unwanted movements.

Affordable Bike Seat Options

Those who are on a budget have a few options to cut back on costs. One is to shop for used seats. People often sell their old seats after buying a new one. Since everyone is different, the seat that did not work for that owner could work for someone else. If padding is the only issue, it is also possible to buy a bike seat cover with gel in it.

How to Buy

How comfortable a bike seat is makes all the difference when you are riding. You can easily find new or used ones on eBay. By doing a simple keyword search, you can generate huge lists of products to browse through. For example, enter " bike seats" into the search field and then sort through the list of products. You can do this by entering in your price range, selecting whether you want a new or used seat, and sorting the items by their price or distance. How close the seller is to you can make a difference if you want to pick up the seat in person. To find sales, visit the eBay Deals page.

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