How to Buy Affordable Bike Tyres

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How to Buy Affordable Bike Tyres

A bike tyre acts as a protective covering on the wheel of a bicycle, trailer bike, wheelchair, and various other vehicles. It provides an important source of suspension and is necessary for balancing and turning a bike. Bike tyres can be classified in many ways, including by rim attachment, type of tread, and air capacity. A basic understanding of bike tyres, their components, performance characteristics, and other important parameters helps buyers locate and purchase the affordable bike tyres they need. Bike tyres can be acquired from bike and sporting goods stores as well as online on eBay, which often features great deals on bikes and accessories.

Components of an Affordable Bike Tyre

No matter how well a rider takes care of a bike tyre, it must be changed at some point to enhance the performance and avoid problems. A bicycle tyre can be attached to the rim using either the clincher or tubular technique. Most bicycle tyres use the clincher technique.

Bike Tyre Casing

In the case of clinchers, a rubber tread covers the cloth casing that wraps around two beads. Bicycle tyre casings are generally made of nylon cloth, but cotton and silk are sometimes used. The casing resists stretching in order to retain the internal air pressure while remaining flexible enough to conform to the road surface. The weight and performance of a bike tyre are affected by the thread count of the cloth. A buyer should give general preference to cloths with high thread counts.


The tread on a bike tyre comes in direct contact with the ground surface. The exact portion of the tread that comes in contact with the road surface at a single point in time is termed the 'contact patch'. For high performance tyres, small void ratios allow for better traction. Treads are generally made of butyl rubber and often include additives like carbon black and silicon. These additives improve the wear resistance but mostly at the expense of traction.

Based on the intended use of the bike tyre, tread patterns also vary. Smooth treads offer no improvement in traction and are preferred for on-road use. Slick tyres feature a light tread pattern, while knobby treads are preferred for off-road use to improve traction on soft surfaces.


The bead attaches the rim to the wheel. A buyer should ensure that beads for clincher tyres are made of materials with low flexibility and high strength to prevent the tyre from expanding off the rim due to the internal air pressure. Wire beads and Kevlar beads are the most common types of beads. Wire beads are used on cheap bike tyres and cannot be folded completely, but they can be twisted into smaller hoops. Kevlar beads are used on expensive bike tyres and are foldable. In the case of tubeless tyres, beads seat firmly against the two rims on the wheel to ensure there is no air leakage.


The sidewall of a tyre bridges the tread and bead and should not touch the ground. To increase the strength and flexibility of the sidewall, it is reinforced with fabric or steel cords. If the sidewalls are made of natural rubber, the term 'gum wall' is used. When very little to no rubber is used, the term 'skin wall' is used. In the case of skin wall, the rolling resistance is reduced at the cost of less damage protection.

Important Buying Considerations

The overall performance of a tyre depends on several variables. In order to purchase affordable bike tyres, buyers should consider these variables and decide which options are most important to them. These decisions should be made before beginning the purchasing process.

Tyre Balance and Speedometer Errors

Tyre balance dictates the smoothness of the ride. When tyres are manufactured, tyre balance machines find any static or dynamic imbalances. These imbalances are rectified by applying weights to the wheels. A buyer should keep in mind that a tyre with any imbalance can cause a speedometer error. At high speeds, the tyre can rub against the mud guard. Purchasing properly balanced bike tyres can mean the difference between a smooth or bumpy ride.

Rolling Resistance and Load Sensitivity

When a bike tyre comes in contact with the road surface, it deforms flat to conform to the ground. This deformation causes a resistance that is known as 'rolling resistance'. Solid tyres feature more rolling resistance than pneumatic tyres. The behaviour of a bike tyre under load is known as its load sensitivity. In contrast to the classical friction theory, the friction decreases as the load increases in the case of pneumatic tyres. Buyers should carefully determine the levels of rolling resistance and load sensitivity they need for a smooth ride.

Size, Inflation Pressure, and Rim Width

Buyers must determine the correct tyre size and rim width before they can purchase the correct tyres for their bikes. The inflation pressure range for bike tyres should be noted on the sidewall for most brands. Rim width affects the size and shape of the contact patch and possibly the rolling resistance.

How to Buy Affordable Bike Tyres on eBay

Affordable bike tyres can easily be found by using the search bar on any eBay page. Enter relevant keywords related to the types of tyres you want to find and then review the search results for the best matches. You can select various filters to narrow the results, including a price filter to help you find the most affordable listings. You may want to search locally to find sellers who allow local pickup in order to avoid shipping and handling costs. Remember to make reviewing feedback for sellers a priority before deciding which items to buy, and you can be riding away as a very satisfied customer.

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