How to Buy Affordable Convection Heaters

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How to Buy Affordable Convection Heaters

Convection heaters are one of the main heater designs available on the market. They use air convection currents that run through the body of the heater and distribute the warmth of the heating element in the surroundings. Convection heaters can have different power outputs and come with many features. However, the many combinations of power outputs and features can cause confusion in those who are buying the product for the first time.

The buyer can choose an affordable model if he can properly assess the power output and features he needs in a heater. With some information on convection heaters, any buyer can make the right choice with confidence.

Assessing the Power Output in Convection Heaters

The power of the convection heater depends on the size of the room. If the heater is not powerful enough, it can have difficulty achieving the desired temperature. A heater that is too powerful, on the other hand, can unnecessarily waste energy. A general rule of thumb is to add 100 watts for each square metre of the room where the heater is to be used. This method is a good way for a buyer to determine the power output he needs. Of course, there are other factors like room isolation and connections to other rooms, but those are more difficult for a novice to factor into calculations.

Fixed and Portable Convection Heaters

One of the main decisions that buyers have to make is between fixed and portable models. The fixed models are a great choice for those who wish to create a complete heating solution within the home. The homeowner can mount the heater on a wall or secure it to the ground. This way, the heater takes up less space and can blend in with the surroundings.

Portability in a convection heater has its benefits. Those who own a portable convection heater can move it around and use it to bring warmth to multiple rooms. Bear in mind that though these heaters can move, they are quite heavy. Users can move the heaters with wheels on a flat surface with ease. These heaters are a good choice for large homes where owners do not require warmth in all the rooms at the same time.

Fan or Fan-Less Convection Heaters

Another important decision for buyers is to choose between fan and fan-less models. Both design concepts have their merits, and there is no clear favourite. The chart below shows the basic characteristics of the two concepts.


Models With Fan

Fan-Less Models


More powerful

Less powerful




Achieving desired temperature



Convection heaters without a fan rely on natural air circulation to heat up the room. This process is effective but slow. Fans direct the air through the convection heater and achieve results faster. The fan also cools the heater faster. This is why fan models are usually more powerful. They can produce more heat and pass it on more rapidly. The downside of the fan is that it creates noise. Although the noise varies from one model to another, it is always present, and it can get louder over time. The fan-less models create virtually no sound at all. This gives them a great advantage with noise-sensitive users.


The thermostat is an essential part of any heater. It has an economic and a protective function. The job of the thermostat is to switch off the heater when the room temperature reaches a certain level. This protects the heater from overheating and prevents it from using energy unnecessarily. Thermostats are also adjustable, and some models allow users to set the temperature threshold. One can also find heater models without a thermostat. These models are very basic and require users to keep an eye on them.

Additional Features in Convection Heaters

Some additional features can make a homeowner's life a lot easier. One of them is the programmable timer, which can dictate when the heater turns on or off. Those who do not wish to wake up in a cold room can program the timer to start the heater one hour before their day begins. The off timer has a similar purpose. Users can program it to switch the heater off in their absence, as a preventive measure.

The remote is another feature that comes in handy. It allows users to switch the heater on and off from a distance and helps them control the available functions. The remotes are not universal, so more heaters mean more remotes.

Look for the cool-to-the touch feature on portable heaters. If the heater has well-insulated areas, users can move it without waiting for it to cool down. Note that a buyer can do without all of these features in a convection heater. If the goal is to purchase an affordable model, the buyer may choose to sacrifice some of these functionalities for a better price.

How to Buy Affordable Convection Heaters on eBay

eBay is a great source for heaters and offers a wide assortment of offers that cover many combinations of features. Buyers can easily find what they need via the search bar on any eBay web page. Just type in ' convection heaters', and the search returns a list of all the offers available on eBay. The price filter provides a nice way for buyers to view only the results within their budget. Convection heaters last a long time, and used models are also available, representing another affordable option. so it is a good idea to consider a used model. Affordable convection heaters might appear on eBay Deals as well, so do check the page to make sure you are not letting go of a reasonably-priced offer.

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