How to Buy Affordable Race Tyres

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How to Buy Affordable Race Tyres

The kind of tyres on a bicycle greatly affects performance and ride quality. Riders should choose the tyres carefully to ensure that they get the most out of them. Racing tyres are for the road. They are narrow, have little to no tread, and must hold high amounts of air pressure, from 110 to 120 psi. Minimal tread helps reduce friction and so does the air pressure. The thinness of the tyres also reduces friction. However, thin tyres also contribute to the lightness of the bicycle. In order to gain the maximum amount of speed, the bikes must be lightweight. To get the best, yet affordable race tyres, learn what to look for when shopping.

How to Identify Worn Race Tyres

Sometimes it is a challenge to determine whether or not to get new tyres. If people ride the bike often, the wearing down of the tyres happens so gradually that it is almost hard to notice. The easiest way to identify worn race tyres is by having to consistently fill them with air. If they do not maintain the proper psi for long, then there is likely a hole or weak spot in the tyre that is releasing that pressure. In addition, thin tyres are easily punctured by sharp objects. Continuously patching the tyres is a bad sign too.

When buying new tyres, take a picture of them before use. This way it is easy to tell whether or not the tyres are worn later on by comparing them to the pictures of them when they were new. Simply checking if the tread is gone does not work on race tyres because they are smooth with very little tread. The tread on race tyres tend to wear off at around 2,400 to 4,800 kilometres. Rear tyres also tend to lose tread 60 per cent faster than the rear ones do.

Another way to tell when to replace racing tyres is when they become square. As the centre of the tyres rub off, they gain a square shape. However, when they start to get flat on top, that does not necessarily mean they have to be replaced right away. It is a sign that the tyres do not have too much life left.

Riding on worn tyres eventually exposes the threads underneath the rubber. Once this happens they are likely to start losing air consistently. The performance of the bicycle is also significantly reduced when the rubber is no longer present.

How to Get the Correct Race Tyres

The simplest way to figure out what bicycle tyre sizes to look for is by seeing what size the old ones are. Usually the information for the size and recommended tyre pressure are located on the sidewall. Racing tyres are usually 700 by 23, 700 by 25, or 700 by 28 millimetres. The first number indicates the diameter of the tyre. The second one refers to the width of the tyre. However, women's bicycles often have 650 mm tyres instead of 700 mm.

Race Tyre Widths

Wider tyres create more drag but are more stable. They are also more comfortable. The width of the tyre can vary on a standard racing frame. Twenty millimeters are generally for the most serious racers, while 28 mm tyres are suitable for training. Thirty-five millimeters are ideal for commuting or more casual riding. Choosing the width of the tyre depends mostly on the style of riding.

Wide Tyres

As mentioned before, wide tyres between 25 to 28 mm are comfortable, durable, and affordable. Commuters who want speed as well as comfort typically go with these. They also prevent the rims from damage since the metal frame is not left as exposed. Those who travel on rougher paved roads also benefit from wide tyres. If more grip is needed, some of the air pressure can be released.

Narrow Tyres

Narrow tyres are best for fast riders. Psi can go up to 160 which lowers the amount of ground resistance. Typically they range from 20 to 23 mm wide. The lightweight nature of narrow tyres also makes it easy to gain more speed. They are not as comfortable as wide tyres, though.

Race Tyre Bead

Beads hold the tyres onto the frame. They hook onto the lip of the rim to secure the tyre in place. There are two kinds of tyre beads to consider.

Tyre Type

Features and Characteristics

Folding bead tyres

Lightest available

Cost more than wire beads

Fold easily for transport

Preferred by racers because they reduce the weight and drag

Higher purchasing cost

Wire bead tyres

Easy to install

Maintain their shape no matter what

Costs less than folding bead tyres

Optimal choice for beginners

Race tyres should only be purchased by those that can manage the durability and function of the tyre on the whole. Novice rides should ease their way into a high-cost folding bead tyre purchase and perhaps start with a write bead tyre.

How to Buy

The kind of tyres put onto a racing bike makes a big difference. You can choose the kind of tyre you want based on your riding style. The best way to find affordable race tyres is to shop on eBay because you can compare thousands of items between various sellers and you have access to the eBay Deals page. This allows you to get the best deals possible. In many cases, free delivery is available as well.

Visit the eBay site to begin your search. Find affordable race tyres by typing your query into the search field. Once the list of products is produced, enter your price range to narrow down the amount of items and filter out the ones that do not fit your budget. Be sure to look for the sellers with an established reputation such as the Top-rated sellers.

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