How to Buy Affordable Sunglasses

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Affordable Sunglasses Buying Guide:

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement. They also block harmful UV rays from causing damage to the eyes. That said, there’s no reason why any shopper can’t happily marry style and substance, all without spending too much money. This short guide will help any shopper find the right pair both for their face shape, personal style and monetary restrictions.


Sunglasses Types

There are an almost unlimited number of different designs, styles and colours of sunglasses to choose from, but most fit within a certain ‘type’. These include aviators, sports sunglasses, oversized sunglasses, celebrity and novelty sunglasses, motorcycle sunglasses, goggle sunglasses, designer sunglasses and others. These various styles are not only used for different functions, but will also work well with different face shapes and personal styles.


Suiting the Style to You

Large frames, circular and square styles, coloured lenses - the options go on and on and most people will find that several looks work for them. It’s all about suiting the specific style of sunglasses to the wearer’s face. Here are some useful hints:

For Angular Faces

Large celebrity-style sunglasses are often the best way forward for those with angular faces. These are often designer makes but can also be found at more affordable prices. These sunglasses can come in various shapes and colours, but it’s the larger size that really suits the angular look of the wearer’s face.

For Square Faces

Square faces can be strangely difficult to buy for and often an oddly-shaped lens is best. As such, circular glasses often look good with square faces, as do oversized and large shapes that allow the shape of the face to stand out. These shades make the edges of the face look more subtle, drawing attention from overly sharp cheekbones and chins.

For Oval Faces

Faces with softer angles have the easiest pick of the bunch and can generally get away with wearing most styles and types of sunglasses. Large styles can help create a more balanced look. It’s a good idea to avoid smaller shades and lenses as these can be dominated by the bigger face and make it look it larger and wider.

For Heart-Shaped Faces

When a face tends to be wider at the top, it’s important that the frames act to enhance the overall shape and appearance of the face. Rounding out the face with more circular and rounded designs, such as aviators, is a good idea. Sharper and more angular lenses and frames should be avoided.


Things to Consider When Buying

In order to find affordable sunglasses there are several things that need to be considered as part of the buying process. These include the following:

  • Shape - As mentioned, shape is critical and will be determined by the shape of the buyers face. It’s a good idea to try on a variety of sunglasses before working out which general style looks best.

  • Material - Cheaper sunglasses are often made of plastic, while more expensive options are generally metal. It’s important to note that cheaper varieties don’t tend to block out the sun as well, are more prone to breakage and simply won’t look as good. Buying branded and authentic designers pairs, however, will tick the right boxes. The costs of these can be offset by buying second hand.

  • Budget - It’s important to set a specific budget before buying. This helps prevent impulse buying and will allow any shopper to search within their means.


Buying Affordable Sunglasses on eBay

On eBay it’s simple to find brand new designer sunglasses, cheaper mimics that are still high quality, dirt cheap plastic sunglasses and just about everything in between. Any shopper with a specific idea of what they’re looking for should use the search bar. Anyone else should look through the categories by going to Fashion and then scrolling down to Sunglasses. Look through the various different listings and always check images and descriptions carefully. Check the seller’s feedback as well and avoid any seller with a poor overall feedback rating. In reality, anything in the low 90’s after selling thousands of items is actually very poor. Top sellers will have ratings higher than 90 percent. Finally, buy the product that is most appropriate and select the best delivery option.

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