How to Buy Affordable Totes

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How to Buy Affordable Totes

Totes are both practical and fashionable carry bags. Traditionally larger and more rugged than a handbag, with longer straps and only one compartment, totes now sometimes overlap with handbags in design and can have several compartments. Typically roomy, they facilitate multi-purpose storage for everyone, but with generally greater appeal for women. Retail prices vary widely for this item, but eBay and eBay Deals offer these trendy wardrobe additions much more affordably. The key to acquiring good style with limited money is to avoid fads. Buyers shopping on a budget should look for classically designed totes from top name brands at heavily discounted prices. This helps ensure they find a quality bag that never goes out of style.

What is a Tote?

A tote is a carry bag that differentiates itself from a handbag by its size, design, and concept. However, original differences have blurred over the years and today there is often very little to distinguish a tote from other similar bags. A tote bag is usually an open style that is larger, stronger, and simpler in design to that of a handbag. In generally avoiding stylistic sophistication, tote bags emphasise practical and simple utility. Heavy duty canvas tote bags were the predominant style that made them popular in the 1960s. Such totes as these make the perfect accompaniment for the beach.

In more recent years, totes have diversified to incorporate a wide variety of styles. These may include both those with long and short shoulder straps, as well as single or multiple, zipped or unzipped compartments. They may be made of materials generally associated with bags normally used for dressier occasions. Totes make very popular shopping bags thanks to their spacious interior.

Different Kinds of Totes

The modern tote can be just about any kind of storage bag with straps. Style variations can place a tote anywhere between a canvas shopping bag made of recycled fibres to a plush leather bag with intricate embellishments. A customer's choice of tote can reflect the simple practical necessities in a daily storage bag, or be loaded with such personality as to make it the ideal fashion accessory.

Canvas Totes

Canvas totes are casual and multi-purpose bags. Many manufacturers of canvas totes treat them with chemicals to repel mould, as many people use these bags to temporarily store damp items or food. This treatment also prolongs the good condition of the bag. Totes made from canvas vary enormously in style. Although informal, they may nevertheless be street smart and stylish. These versatile bags come in many style arrangements. They may be patterned or plain, soft or sturdy, depending on intended use.

Luxury Totes

Luxury totes are dressy and often decorative bags that can say a good deal about the owner. Although buyers may find them useful for everyday storage use or for taking to work, they may be just as suitable for more formal occasions to match a particular outfit. Luxury totes may be made of leather or any other fashionable material and feature sophisticated design aspects. They may also have several zippered compartments to keep smaller personal items secure.

Beach Totes

Beach totes are the least expensive among the various styles of tote bags. This is due partly to their being especially prone to damaged or becoming lost. It is also because they are typically made of cheaper materials and have a basic design. Tough materials such as nylon, canvas, hessian, straw, plastic, or even woven yarn, typically make up the beach tote. They frequently have bright and colourful decorations. This type of tote is larger than average and has a simple, open design to allow for lots of storage.

Sports Totes

Sports totes represent very casual bags in various formats. These sometimes come in designs consistent with beach totes, but buyers may also choose barrel shaped bags with zippers and several compartments. Customers can choose the type of sports tote based on which sport or activity they need it for. These totes can be multi-purpose, and may serve the needs of several sporting activities, such as gym and tennis.

Laptop Totes

Laptop totes are protective carry bags that customers may use in hand or over the shoulder. These bags vary considerably in their build design, and buyers may even find them in backpack style. This style of tote utilizes interior padding to protect laptops, tablets, and other electronic accessories. Tote bags generally have several compartments, and sometimes have straps that customers can use to secure their laptop, notebook, or tablet computers. Some of these bags accommodate only a laptop of particular dimensions, but others are large enough to use as multi-purpose or overnight bags. Men make up a considerable part of the laptop tote market.


There are some characteristics typical of tote bags. Buyers should, however, expect many exceptions to these norms as the carry bag accessory continues to develop.

The above totes reflect those most commonly used in everyday life. They each serve practical and aesthetic functions according to a person's lifestyle needs. However, customers who purchase any of these totes may experience additional characteristics not reflected in the above chart.

How to Buy

If you know from experience that eBay is a good place to find cheaper fashion accessories, you would do well to shop here for totes also. Enter broad or specific searches for the totes of your choice, such as " canvas tote". When you have found several potential items, make the necessary item comparisons to see which listing is the most appealing overall. Note any differences in price and postage costs, and carefully check seller returns policies. You should also ensure that your designated seller has a high customer feedback score of at least 99 per cent. Read feedback left by previous customers to glean the kind of service you can expect. This information goes a long way towards building buyer confidence.

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Consumers who desire more luxurious cross-body bags should check pre-owned bags for the best prices on designer name bags. Otherwise, bags made of durable materials should last and come in many different colours and styles to choose from.

How to Buy an Affordable Cross-body Bag on eBay

When it comes to handbags, cross-body bags offer flexibility, convenience, and hands-free use, which is important for women loaded down with a briefcase or diaper bag and juggling it all. Instead of paying a high price for a cross-body bag , get a new or pre-owned bag for a great deal on eBay. Search bags according to colour, material, or brand, or key in your price range so sticking to your budget is simple while shopping.

Cross-body bags offer the ultimate in ease. Using a long strap which fits over your shoulder, the bag hangs by your hips for easy access. Cross-body bags come in multiple styles, such as bags with removable straps, colours like bright orange or simple black, and brands such as Juicy Couture, to add whimsy or style to your look. The bags range from affordable to high end.

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