How to Buy Binoculars

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How to Buy Binoculars

Hans Lippershey invented the first binoculars in 1608 for the State General of the Netherlands. These binoculars had a convex and a concave lens. Buyers often find that binoculars have two numbers. The first number is the magnification, and the second number is the objective size, which determines the width of the view. After understanding the various parts of binoculars, buyers must consider the type of binoculars that best meets their needs, such as general use, hunting binoculars, bird watching binoculars, boating binoculars, or theatre binoculars.


Binocular Parts

Manufacturers generally make all binoculars with the same basic parts. Some binoculars include specialty parts. Understanding the names of these parts and their functions allows buyers to better determine which products meet their needs best.





What the viewer looks through

Ensures that extraneous light does not enter the binoculars and helps eliminate glare

Diopter adjustment

Ring located immediately under eyepiece

Permits focusing for each individual eye

Focus wheel

Located between the two eyepieces

Permits rough focusing


Located in the handle of the binoculars

Reflect light, allowing users to see an image


Allow for grasping the binoculars

Objective lens

Located opposite the eyepieces

Capture light and deliver it to the prisms


Buyers can also find different types of binoculars. For example, rangefinder binoculars contain batteries and a laser to help keep objects focused. Image stabilisation binoculars help keep an image steady even when the viewer is moving.


Binoculars for Different Uses

Users should buy binoculars based on their intended use. If you want a pair of binoculars for many purposes, then consider general use binoculars.

General Use

If you seek all-purpose binoculars, consider general-use binoculars with a magnification of 7X or 10X. These binoculars are useful for hiking or watching sporting events. Their compact sizes make them great for carrying in a pocket, while their lightweight construction makes them convenient for carrying on a neck strap. Look for general-use binoculars containing wide-angle viewing options.


Most hunters prefer binoculars with 7X or 10X magnification, although varmint hunters need a much higher magnification requiring the use of a tripod. Before buying higher magnification binoculars for hunting, consider whether you want to pack a tripod into your hunting location. If you decide to use a tripod, make sure to buy special binoculars with a tripod mount.

Bird Watching

Specialty bird watching binoculars are a choice for those who want to spend time outdoors looking at birds. The most common of these binoculars offer 8X42 magnification. If you want to see better details, especially on smaller birds, then consider higher objective lens binoculars. In addition, look for binoculars that have a longer eye relief so you can hold the binoculars farther from your face, allowing for more comfortable viewing.


Many boaters choose to carry binoculars on their vessels for identifying boats at a distance, focusing on landmarks on the shore, or watching marine wildlife. Most boaters do not need more than 7X magnification, as they do not need to see minute details. Look for binoculars offering at least 42 for the objective number. Buy binoculars with rubber armouring as well, as this helps to prevent water from getting inside the binoculars. Additionally, waterproof binoculars are necessary for boaters. Manufacturers seal these binoculars with an O-ring so that water cannot enter.


Besides military binoculars, theatre binoculars, sometimes called opera glasses, were some of the first binoculars ever made. The small magnification and the small viewing angle of these binoculars make them ideal for many inside events. Look for theatre binoculars with a magnification ranging from 4 to 8 and an objective number ranging from 21 to 30.


How to Buy Binoculars on eBay

Now that you know how to choose the right binoculars to meet your needs, head to eBay. There you can browse many reputable sellers offering quality products. Whether you want new binoculars or used ones, finding the right pair is easy. Just enter 'binoculars' into the conveniently located search box at the top of any eBay page. From there, narrow your results further with the suggested categories. Read the product descriptions carefully to make sure the binoculars are exactly what you need.

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