How to Buy Comfortable Jeans

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How to Buy Comfortable Jeans

Nothing feels or looks better than a nice-fitting, comfortable pair of jeans. Any up-to-date shopper knows there are dozens of options to choose from, including different shades and patterns as well as different fits and styles. However, not everything works for every woman's body or personal style. Some people are more comfortable in tight-fitting skinny pants, while others prefer a relaxed fit, a wide flare, or even a bit of artificial wear and tear.

Finding the right type of jeans for one's body type and personal style is a big part of the jeans-buying process. In order to do this, it is important to know one's measurements and have an idea of the look one is going for. Getting a comfortable pair of jeans is not always easy. It seems every woman has a favourite pair or two, which simply feel or look better on than any others. With careful selection, one can find the appropriate size and find her new favourite pair of comfortable jeans.

Find Your Size

One of the very first steps to buying an excellent-fitting, comfortable pair of jeans is to find the right size. Women's jeans come in a variety of fitted sizes. After careful measurement of the hips, waist, and inseam using a flexible tailor's tape, one can utilise the chart below to find the right size.


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Finding the right size for one's shape is one of the crucial elements of shopping for clothing. Whether too large or too small, ill-fitting clothing always leaves the wearer feeling uncomfortable and out of shape. Some individuals fall between sizes. If this is the case, look for half-size options or lean towards the larger of the two sizes. It is also helpful to choose "tall" jeans if a person exceeds the average height, to prevent having jeans that are too short.

Discover One's Fit

There are several different types of jean "fit". While fashion may dictate what particular type of fit is trending at the moment, personal preference and body shape should always be the determining factor when it comes to the type of jean finding its way into a woman's closet. After all, clothing that looks and feels good is always in fashion. Before buying a pair of jeans, it is important to study one's shape and style and find a fit that works well with both. Afterwards, be sure the intended purchase matches these criteria.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have come in and out of fashion for decades. So named for their tight fit extending from hips to ankle, these jeans look particularly well on slender bodies and shrouded beneath a tunic or oversized shirt. Women with particularly large hips or endomorphic style bodies can sometimes pull off a skinny jean when in good shape, but often, the exaggerated straight-leg style is better reserved for women who have little change in width from hip to ankle.

Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans, like the name suggests, include a certain amount of give, thanks to the inclusion of lycra or similar fabric with the traditional denim material. While some find this more comfortable, others are less impressed. Even with stretch jeans, it is always a good idea to purchase the correct size for one's body for the best look, feel, and fit. However, stretch jeans give a bit of wiggle room for a night of overindulgence or an individual with frequently fluctuating weight.

Relaxed-Fit Jeans

Unlike stretch jeans, relaxed-fit jeans are made entirely of traditional denim fabric. Relaxed-fit jeans have a bit more space throughout, offering a more comfortable fit. They work well for individuals hoping to minimise the width of their hips. They also work well for work situations where a lot of movement and flexibility is required.

Bootleg Jeans

Bootleg jeans are slightly larger at the bottom than standard jeans. This slight flare at the bottom is not overt, but instead provides just enough room to comfortably squeeze the jeans over a pair of boots, hence the name. Bootleg jeans look well on most body types. They provide enough room at the bottom to somewhat balance out the hourglass figure but do not look bad on muscular or athletic builds either. If in doubt, bootleg is often a safe choice as far as jean styles go.

Flare Jeans

Flare jeans, like bootleg jeans, are bigger at the bottom than necessary. However, the difference between the two is that these feature a far more pronounced flare, the size of which varies based on the designer. Flare-legged jeans are also sometimes referred to as bell bottoms. They often rest low on the hips and are form fitting to until just below the knee. This style tends to be slimming and look excellent on women with the traditional hourglass figure. Some flares are highly exaggerated, while others are only slightly wider than a pair of bootlegs. Often, sellers include the circumference for the flair in product details.

Choose the Style

A lot of consumers are committed to one type of fit or another and rarely stray. Yet, when it comes to colour or print, these same folks are open to buying a variety to keep their wardrobe fun and fresh. It also provides for more effective wardrobe coordination, as some shades and styles fit certain tops better. When shopping online, it may not always be possible to get the full effect of a jean's colour or other related style factors. Always do a close up of the shade, or email the seller with questions regarding the style of a pair of jeans under consideration.

Coloured and Print

Coloured and printed jeans are great for individuals who really want to make a splash. They are a perfect addition to spring wardrobes and are available in virtually every shade. While some come in one or more shades, others feature a variety of bright, cheerful patterns. Still others may be dip-dyed, tie-dyed, multicoloured, or strategically bleached out. For some, even the difference between light and dark blue denim is hugely important when it comes to purchasing the perfect pair of jeans. 

Ripped Jeans

Many fashionistas enjoy the lived-in look of worn or ripped jeans, a style that became popular in the 1970s and 1980s. One can buy new jeans with the rips and tears as part of the design. Of course, some appreciate the unique authenticity rips and tears of pre-owned jeans that have lived a full life.

Buying Comfortable Jeans on eBay

eBay offers a wide selection of clothing, making it easy to seek that perfect pair of jeans. Start by typing keywords related to the type of jeans you hope to find in the site's search bar. This leads the eBay search engine to scan listing titles and descriptions. Results vary based on the popularity and specificity of search terms. Options for seeking jeans may include something as simple as "jeans" or as specific as "women's size 6 jeans". You can also search for denim on the deals page.

Always verify the price of shipping, if any, before purchasing an item on eBay. This is especially true if you are buying from outside Australia, as this cost can add up.

eBay offers buyers and sellers an option for getting to know one another better through the feedback profile. To visit a seller's profile before making a purchase, simply click on his username. This helps you gauge the quality of the seller before you decide to do business with him or her.


Finding the perfect set of jeans is not always an easy task. Deciding between flare, bootleg, straight, and ripped can be overwhelming for some. However, knowing more about one's body shape and being aware of measurements and size makes it easier to buy a pair of jeans that is destined to fit well and look good.

Though jeans come in a variety of looks, it is important to be aware that not everything is suitable for one's figure. Most people learn what type of jeans fit them best early in life. Many consumers even have strong opinions regarding certain styles, whether skinny, relaxed, or flare. A website such as eBay can make the process easier by offering an array of styles and prices to choose from.

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