How to Buy Exterior Fog Lights on eBay

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How to Buy Exterior Fog Lights on eBay

A set of fog lights is something every vehicle can benefit from. Those who spend a lot of time in their cars have found themselves in situations involving poor visibility, where a little extra light can help them considerably. Fog lights have been specially designed to aid drivers, but vehicle owners also add them for reasons involving aesthetics. Fog lights are directed downwards so that they can enhance the road's visibility when the conditions are hazy.

Choosing exterior fog lights for a vehicle can be a bit challenging. One needs to carefully assess the needs, combining this information with knowledge about the types of bulbs available and the electrical work involved. Being well informed on the subject can facilitate an efficient search for exterior fog lights. With its large inventory of exterior lights for vehicles, eBay is a great resource that can aid in this process.

Pick a Colour for the Exterior Fog Lights

There are two basic approaches to using fog lights. Some people need them to navigate road conditions with low visibility, while others just use them as extra lighting. Those who need to increase visibility through thick fog, rain, or dust, should look for yellow fog lights. White light tends to reflect off fog, while yellow lights can penetrate it better. One can find yellow fog lights on eBay for different makes of vehicles, including Acura, Ford, Mitsubishi, and Nissan, among others. White fog lights are also available on the website for brands such as BMW, Audi, and Honda.

If fog lights are to be used as additional lights, the buyer has more freedom of choice. Fog lights can match the colour of headlights, or they can be used to introduce another colour in the mix. This is purely up to the buyer and the effect he wants to achieve. Keep in mind that some regions in Australia prohibit the use of lights when visibility is not seriously reduced. Those who wish to use fog lamps as driving lamps should familiarise themselves with the local laws that apply.

Consider the Type of Bulb for Use in Fog Lights

When purchasing lights, the bulb type is quite important. The effectiveness of lights depends on the bulbs used, so buyers need to be aware of the different types of bulbs and the advantages they offer. The chart below lists the four basic types of bulbs available in the marketplace.

Bulb Type



A traditional bulb, this is not seen much in the automotive industry.


Provides more illumination. Uses tungsten filament.

HID and Xenon

Longer-lasting bulbs. 


Newer light emitting diode technology that focusses on saving energy.

Incandescent bulbs these days are just a part of automotive history. The traditional incandescent bulb performs poorly compared to bulbs that use newer technologies. It has a short lifetime and it requires to be replaced often. However, if one is looking for incandescent bulbs for vehicles, these bulbs are easily available on eBay, along with the newer types of bulbs. Halogen and xenon bulbs are improved versions of the incandescent concept.

Halogen, HID, and Xenon Bulbs Compared

Halogen lamps produce light by using the incandescent filament. The HID and xenon bulbs use an electric arc creating a connection through the use of gas. The HID bulb uses metallic salts in gaseous form, while the xenon lamps use xenon gas.

Xenon lamps are not very efficient, but they have a faster response. Achieving maximum output takes only seconds, whereas in HID lamps, it can take up to two minutes. The HID lamps are slower as the metallic particles within them need to heat up first.

LED Bulbs

LED lights are a newer concept. These lights are more energy efficient, but they do come at a higher cost. Buyers who wish to invest in quality bulbs usually consider LED bulbs as their performance is unmatched by the other types of bulbs.

Compatibility Considerations for Exterior Fog Lights

Exterior fog lights have a slight advantage when it comes to compatibility. Their placement outside the hood and on the bumper makes them an easier fit on any vehicle. Still, there are some considerations a buyer needs to make prior to purchasing fog lights.

Temperature Considerations

Although temperature is more a problem when the lights are inside the hood, an exterior fog light can still stir up some trouble. Some fog lights run hotter than others, and securing them near a painted or plastic surface can be a bad idea. When considering fog lights, view the full specifications on products in order to weed out the ones that can be troublesome. Halogen lights usually run hotter than the other types. However, installing these lights poses no problem if the bumper and the grail are both made of metal. LED lights have a far better light-to-heat ratio than other types of lights. This allows drivers to add powerful lighting without having to worry about excessive levels of temperature.

Electrical Considerations

One must make sure that the electrical system of the vehicle can deliver the power output needed for fog lights. If the lights are more powerful than the output, it can drain the battery or cause electrical malfunctions such as blown fuses. Also, be sure to check the wiring. Some vehicles already have wiring in place, but it can be insufficient for the lights that are being installed. Those with limited knowledge in electrical work should leave the job to professionals. A skilled mechanic can accurately assess both the power output and the wiring.

Rear Fog Lights

Fog lights for the rear are not that common, but they can come in handy, especially in small vehicles. Pulling back can be a challenging task in tough weather conditions, and drivers can use all the help they can get. Rear fog lights might be less powerful, but they can light up just enough to make a difference. Consumers can find these lights in red and white on eBay.

Buying Exterior Fog Lights on eBay

One can find a wide variety of exterior fog lights on eBay. To reach eBay's listings on fog lights, start from the home page, and find an applicable category, such as 'Vehicle Parts and Accessories'. Explore the subcategory for 'Car and Truck Parts' to reach the section that deals with exterior fog lights. You can filter the listings on eBay by indicator type, make, and condition, among other filters. Each one of these filters does a great job of narrowing down the selection to offer more relevant listings, based on what you are looking for. You may choose to look for fog lights with a specific bulb type, or search for bargains on the used market.

Another way to reach the listings on eBay is by using the search bar. Using 'fog lights' as a search query returns equally relevant results as those you get by using eBay categories. You may also find listings labelled under 'driving lights', so that search term yields applicable results as well. For great deals on fog lights, be sure to take a look in the eBay Deals section, through which one can avail of discounted products.


Selecting exterior fog lights does require some prior knowledge about the category. A buyer first needs to assess his needs and decide whether the lights are to be used for navigation or just as an enhancement to the vehicle. Building on that decision, it is easier to select the right colour and type of fog lights.

The type of bulb determines many of the parameters of a fog light. It is a good idea to pay close attention to the temperature the lights emit, as excessive heat is troublesome on non-metallic parts. One must check the power output and the wiring as well. No matter what type of exterior fog lights one is looking for, eBay can help in the decision. The website offers numerous listings of fog lights with different types of bulbs as well as colours, so that even the discerning consumer is sure to find what he is looking for.

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