How to Buy Eyewear Online & achieve great savings!

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Buying Eyewear Online – Your Buying Guide

Step 1: Start Saving Money

The first thing to know about buying eyewear frames, prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses online is that you can save yourself lots of money! Like many other industries, online prices are usually 20%-30% cheaper online than they would be in a traditional retail store outlet.

You’ll be glad to know that with eyewear this is more likely to have between 40%-60% in additional savings online! In addition if the buyer wants a prescription lens with their eyeglasses frame then the saving can end up being higher.

Why is it so much cheaper?

Eyewear retail stores have a general practice to put huge margins on their eyewear to cover holding excess stock, employing staff and paying rent. In addition chain stores like OPSM are owned by large distribution companies that actually exclusively distribute the famous European brands in a certain region – so they control the prices to ensure higher margins.

At the end of the day you are getting ripped off from the second you walk into an eyewear retail store.

Step 2: Finding the eyewear what you want

One of the easiest ways to find the frame you want is to go into any retail store and try on the frames you like. All you need to do is take down the Product code when you find the item you like. Then you just need to buy it online. Comprehensive eyewear stores like VisionDirectAU will always be able to sell your specific model number even if you cannot find it in their online store. The best thing to do is to send VisionDirectAU the model number you want and they will be able to list it for you on EBAY at a huge discount.

How to read the product code?

Most eyewear has the product code on the inside arm of the frame itself. It is comprised of a model number and a colour code in this format "brand - product code - colour code" For Example Bvlgari 651B 939/87. In this Bvlgari frame the "651B" represents the actual design code or model number. The "939/87" is the colour code which in this situation is Smoke Grey. Don't be afraid to note down these details when you are in a retail store. You have a right to get comparative pricing on the same product from different vendors.

If you prefer to browse online for the frame you want then this is also ok.  We have designed a 2 step process below to help you narrow down your search

(a) What frame or material type suits your face?
Eyeglasses frames can be divided into Standard (full rimmed), Semi-Rimless or Rimless frames. If you have purchased eyewear before you will realise that these basic categories will help you narrow down your search quickly.  In addition the material maybe important to you. For example titanium frames are normally very durable, more lightweight and therefore comfortable and also have memory retention capabilities. Acetate frames are usually used with full–rimmed frames and are worn by those who like a thicker and more colourful style.

Also take special note of Rimless frames. You are actually only buying a pair of arms and a bridge connector as by definition there is no actual frame. This means that if you want to add your prescription lens with the glasses then you can actually choose any lens shape that suits your fancy. Rimless frames suit many people well as the glasses blend into their face more with a more clean-cut and neat look.

(b) What are the dimensions?

Good online stores will also give you 4 key frame dimensions of the frame you are looking at. Understanding these dimensions and how this relates to your own facial measurements can make it very easy for you to determine if a particular frame will be suitable. This is summarised in the picture below.


Lens width: 52mm        Bridge width: 20mm       Arm Length: 125mm       Lens Depth: 29 mm

The best, quickest and easiest way of choosing the best fit for you is to note down the measurements of your current pair to give you a guide. Most frames have three measurements on the inside of an arm:

The Arm Length and Bridge Width will determine the fit and comfort of the frames. The Lenses Diameter (width) and Depth (height) influence the style of glasses. Hence, these factors are respective to your individual preferences.

As a general rule of thumb, people with narrow faces suit narrow frames. These 4 measurements do not need to match exactly, but if they are close to your current glasses, they will result in a similar fit.

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