How to Buy Girl’s Dresses for the Summer

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How to Buy Girl’s Dresses for the Summer

The summer weather can get really hot, especially if you and your family are heading to an exotic location on holiday. So it is important when shopping for girl’s dresses for the summer to choose cool and lightweight materials which will let the skin breathe. For this, natural fibers are best.

eBay has a wide range of pretty girl’s dresses available to choose from, and whether you are hunting for an Armani maxi dress or a Peppa Pig summer mini dress, there are many different styles, colours, and sizes to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets.

What Styles of Girl’s Dresses are Available?

There is a wide range of styles of dresses available for girls, and shopping online on websites such as eBay is a great place to start browsing and finding some great deals on girl’s summer dresses. It is possible to search using a range of criteria including style, brand and colour. Some of the most popular styles of summer dresses for girls are:

When choosing the right style of dress it is important to think about when it will be worn. For those heading off on holiday to an exotic, far-flung destination, floaty, lightweight dresses in chiffon, linen and jersey are the best bet to help little girls stay cool.

Cool Fabric for Hot Summer Weather

There is no doubt that the fabric chosen can affect body temperature. Natural fabrics such as cotton and linen allow skin to breathe and help us to cool down. Synthetic fibers such as polyester trap sweat and cause our bodies to retain heat, so they are not ideal for warmer weather unless the dress is a very loose fitting, lightweight style.

Natural fabrics are the kindest to skin, and ideal for girls with skin conditions or sensitive skin. Here are some of the most popular natural fabrics, all of which can be found online on websites such as eBay:

Synthetic fabrics are popular as they are easy to wash, dry and iron and usually formulated from fibers that are wrinkle resistant. This makes them a particularly popular choice for holiday packing. Some of the most popular synthetic fabrics used in clothing today include:

Choosing the Right Fit

When shopping for girl’s dresses for the summer, it can be difficult to know what size and fit to buy. Children grow up fast, so they will usually only get one season of wear out of a dress or other item. The following chart is a rough guide to sizes, but when shopping online on websites such as eBay, the product description page should always be checked for details on sizing, as some manufacturers' sizes may vary.


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When choosing a girl’s dress it is best to pick one size up, particularly if shopping for the under-5 age range, as children grow so quickly they may not fit their dress by the time they get around to wearing it during the summer months.

Should you Buy Used or New Girl’s Dresses?

Whether to buy used or new girl’s dresses is a very personal decision, which will depend mostly on the available budget. For those with several children who are sticking to a tight budget, buying used girl’s dresses may be a more affordable option, and eBay has a huge range to choose from.

Because children grow so quickly, they may outgrow their clothing before it is even worn, so by purchasing used dresses and re-selling them on websites such as eBay when they are no longer needed, significant savings can be made and in turn passed on to other parents. When buying used dresses on eBay, it is important to check the product listing, as any faults with the item will usually be listed here.

Is Brand Important When it Comes to Children’s Clothing?

Whilst younger children do not care about brands, as they grow older, some children may become influenced by their peers and want to wear a specific brand of clothing. Buying branded items such as Ralph Lauren dresses or Abercrombie and Fitch dresses can be expensive for parents, but by shopping on websites such as eBay it is possible to find branded items in used or new condition at very reasonable prices compared to buying in a clothing store.

It is an individual choice whether or not to purchase branded clothing for children, but some branded girl’s dresses may be made of higher quality material than budget items of clothing.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Girl’s Summer Dress

It is important to consider the following factors when shopping for a girl’s summer dress:

  • Fit – is the dress loose enough to be comfortable in hot weather?
  • Fabric – does the fabric allow the skin to breathe or is it floaty and lightweight enough to keep the child cool?
  • Length – is the dress the correct length for the occasion – for example shorter dresses are more practical for playing at the park, whereas a longer dress is ideal for a summer wedding
  • Budget – how much money is available to spend and should a used or new dress be purchased?
  • Child’s taste – are there any characters which the child would like to see on their summer dress?

Available budget will play a large part in the decision making process when choosing a girl’s dress for the summer, and buying used clothes may often mean more value for money if several dresses are required.

How Buy Girl’s Dresses for the summer on eBay

For an easy way to buy girl’s dresses for the summer, head to eBay, where there is a wide range available to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets. Visit eBay and head for the drop-down menu marked ‘Shop by Category’ which is located at the left-hand side of the page. Click to open up a list of categories and scroll down to Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. Click on ‘more’ and then select Girl’s Clothing. In the categories listed on the left-hand side of the page, it is possible to choose the type of clothing, in this case, Dresses.

Because there are so many different styles and brands of girl’s summer dresses to choose from, it can be helpful to narrow a search using a certain term if looking for something specific. By typing the words related to the search, such as ‘Laura Ashley Dress’ into the main search box, a list of all the available items will be shown.


Girl’s dresses for the summer are a great way for girls to keep cool and enjoy the hot summer weather. With so many different styles and colours to choose from, it can be difficult to know whether to buy a floaty, floral sundress or a denim dungaree dress. Dresses in a natural fabric allow the skin to breathe and will help girls to keep cool no matter how warm it gets.

eBay has a wide range of girl’s dresses for the summer to choose from, and there is something to suit all tastes and budgets, whether shopping for a new or used dress. Thanks to the easy to use search facility, buyers can hunt for a specific size, style or material of dress, making it simple to find what they are looking for.

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