How to Buy In-Ear Headphones

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How to Buy In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones, also known as earbuds, have become ubiquitous items in today's world. With the rise of MP3 players and mobile phones that play music, people want a means of listening privately to their favourite songs. Earbuds provide the benefit of being small and portable, which makes them a popular alternative even when larger headphones can offer a better audio experience.

There are enough variations, however, within the category of in-ear headphones that it can be difficult to know which pair is the right fit for an individual. Before making a purchase, whether it is in an electronics store or online via eBay, it is helpful to know about the types of in-ear headphones as well as their benefits. Informed buyers are usually happy buyers, and it is easy to find a wealth of information on in-ear headphones.

Benefits of In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones may be small and seemingly ineffective, but they are quite powerful. One of the primary benefits of earbuds is that they effectively seal the ear canal. This means that other ambient sounds do not interfere with the sounds coming from the earbuds. Without any external noise causing problems, users are not forced to turn up the volume in order to hear clearly. This has a secondary benefit of helping users avoid hearing problems later in life.

Earbuds are often used by music professionals to calibrate equipment. The reason for this is that earbuds block ambient noise, which prevents feedback when one is attempting to tune music very precisely. It also helps music professionals to tune out audience noise, which in turn improves performance.

Fitting In-Ear Headphones

Fit and speaker quality are important factors when buying in-ear headphones. Making certain that earbuds fit properly is extremely important, as the benefits of using them only apply when there is a good seal around the ear canal. Everybody's ears are different, so finding a pair that fits perfectly for everyone is rare, if not impossible. While it is not possible to test every single type of earbuds for a perfect fit before buying, it is helpful to look at the different ways that earbuds fit into place.

Solid Plastic Without Tip

Solid plastic earbuds are among the less expensive type of headphones, and they usually come with MP3 players. For the most part, solid plastic earbuds are quite uncomfortable and offer only a round shape that does not fit well into most ears. Many people, when they first get a new music device, dispose off the solid plastic earbuds in favour of ones with more features.

Soft Rubber Tips

The more popular earbuds make use of soft rubber tips that fit better into the ear. The rubber tips are made in different shapes, with some that are rounder and meant as a one-size-fits-all sort of tip. Others are more pointed and are meant to go further into the ear in order to block more sound. These are slightly harder to fit into the ear, but they are still manageable. Earbuds with rubber tips usually come in multiple sizes in order to accommodate different people.

Foam Tips

Foam is often used as an alternative to rubber. Foam tips are meant to be compressed slightly, then inserted into the ear. Once inside, the foam expands, creating a better seal within the ear. Many earbuds that have rubber tips also have foam tips and provide an option for users. It should be noted that foam tips are more difficult to keep clean when compared to rubber, and do not breathe quite as well as rubber.

Ear-Canal Headphones

Ear Canal headphones are designed to actually fit within the ear canal, while others simply stay in place above the ear canal. Ear canal headphones seal the ear canal better than any other kind, blocking ambient noise effectively. Some users, however, do not like the feel of something that deep in the ear canal and may find these headphones to be somewhat uncomfortable. Consumers who have never used them before should be aware of this before making a purchase.

Variations in Fit

One can find a number of variations within these broad categories of in-ear headphones. Some earbuds, for example, are made to fit into the ear and create a seal at two points rather than one. This means that ambient noise is blocked more effectively than it could be otherwise. Other variations include unique tip shapes or earbuds that are meant to stay in place during workouts or other extreme physical activity.

Consider Sound Quality and Price of In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones vary greatly in terms of quality and price. The better earbuds in terms of sound quality are also more expensive. In some cases, the earbuds may cost more than the phone or the MP3 player that they are connected to. There are, however, many earbuds that work well and are far less expensive. Typically, all earbuds sold within a certain price range offer roughly the same quality. There is a jump in quality that really only appears when prices are tripled. For anything priced below that, cheaper is usually better.

It should be noted that, in terms of audio quality, in-ear headphones usually do not offer the same quality as larger headphone styles. This is particularly true when it comes to bass, as the small size of in-ear headphones means that they simply cannot produce loud, resonant bass. If bass is the more important part of an audio experience for the user, in-ear headphones may not be the best option.

Consider Cords for In-Ear Headphones

All earbuds require cords in order to receive power and audio signals from other devices. Unlike some headphones, each side must have its own cord, with the two cords joined together at some point. Having multiple cords means that the possibility of tangling them becomes much higher. In some cases, earbuds come with asymmetrical cords, which allows the user to place the cord behind the head, helping to get them out of the way and reduce tangling.

How to Buy In-Ear Headphones on eBay

Different types of in-ear headphones are available for sale on eBay. Many sellers offer a number of styles and models to choose from. Some of the earbuds might be brand new, while others may be previously used. Used earbuds may be in perfect working order and are found at lower prices that allow buyers to save money.

When looking for a pair of in-ear headphones on eBay, the search bar found on any eBay web page is a useful tool. A simple search for 'in-ear headphones' produces a number of options, and a more detailed search with specific keywords narrows the search even further. When buying headphones or any other deal on eBay, it is important to examine the product description carefully. This is critical when buying used items, as the product description details an item's history, potentially revealing flaws or damage.


For many people, in-ear headphones offer a great way to listen to music in peace and privacy. These headphones create a seal that keeps out external noise so that users only hear what they want to hear. Since the human ear is small, these headphones are by nature smaller than the headphones that go over the ear. The small size means that comfort is key, offering a number of ways to help earbuds fit properly into one's ears. It is important for the consumer to do research to understand which earbuds are of higher quality so that he can make a purchase that can be enjoyed for years to come.

With its vast number of product offerings and sellers, eBay makes it easy for consumers to find and purchase in-ear headphones at affordable prices.

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