How to Buy Men's Sportswear on a Budget

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How to Buy Men

Buying Sportswear can be rather expensive, depending on different types of equipment, clothing and footwear that are needed. Some sports require a lot more items than others, so it is important to consider how much one is willing to spend before setting off on one’s search.

It is important to consider what the sportswear will be used for, whether it is specifically for sport or just casual wear and also what weather type the clothing is going to be worn in. There is a massive range of sportswear available in the Men’s Clothing section on eBay.

What Types of Sportswear Are Available on eBay?

The different types of sportswear available on eBay are:


Shorts are perfect for every sport. There a different types available for various sports, such as football shorts, longer basketball shorts, and swimming shorts. Shorts can come in various materials, with some being made with breathable, lightweight material and others being made of heavier materials that are waterproof and suitable for sports in inclement weather.


Sports T-shirts are normally made with lightweight materials that allow the skin to breathe when undertaking a sporting activity. It is possible to buy branded t-shirts, as well as replica jerseys of one’s favourite soccer or rugby team.


Tracksuits are jacket and jogging bottom sets that are used for training and warm ups for sport. They are also popular for wearing casually. A large range of brands make tracksuits, such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma.


There is a large range of sports trainers available including running shoes, casual sports trainers, and astro-turfs. It is important to consider what the trainers will be used for. Some casual sports trainers will be made of materials that aren’t suitable for the general wear and tear of sports and are only for fashion purposes.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are important for keeping the sun off of one’s head and out of the eyes. They are generally used for slower sports, such as cricket and baseball, but are more popular in a fashion sense. A range of fitted and adjustable baseball caps is available on eBay, made by brands like Adidas, or with team badges embroidered on like the Socceroos.


Jumpers come in a range of styles, such as round necks and hoodies. They are suitable for chilly weather and for warm ups before a sporting activity.

Under Armour

Under Armour is a thin vest or long sleeved shirt, which acts as a second skin when playing sport. They help to regulate body temperature, so cool the person down when they are hot and warming them up when they are cold. They come in a variety of colours and are perfect for fitness training and general sport.


Socks can come in different types and sizes:

· Normal sports socks are made of cotton and offer cushioned support to the ankles and heels.

· Long sports socks are perfect for field sports, such as soccer or rugby, and offer warmth and comfort.

· Trainer socks are socks that are cut off at the ankle and are perfect to wear whilst running on the road, and are also look great for casual wear.

All of these different types of sportswear are available to buy and bid for in the ‘Men’s Clothing’ category on eBay.

How to Buy Sportswear on a Budget

Buying sportswear can be quite difficult, but eBay can make this very easy with a few of the following tips:

· Buying in Bulk: Many retailers on eBay will offer items at cut prices when buying in bulk. For instance, socks are items that will always be needed, so it might be a good idea to buy these items in bulk and save some money.

· Bidding: There are some huge savings to be made by trawling eBay and finding listings which are close to ending with a low number of bids. This may take a little bit more time than using the ‘Buy It Now’ option, but a lot of money can be saved if one just takes a little bit of time to find some good item listings.

· Look for sports items that were made last season or are out of season now. For instance, the summer months may be a good time to find a great bargain on a tracksuit, as there isn’t much demand for them and the bidding on the items will be less competitive.

· When searching for sportswear, filter the search by price to find items that are available within a buyer’s price range. Be sure to incorporate postage and packaging when doing this.

How to Buy Men’s Sportswear on eBay

All the products outlined above are available to buy on eBay. By simply searching for ‘sportswear’ in the search bar on any eBay page, buyers will be faced with pages full of products.

However, if from reading the above a specific product has now been chosen, more specific searches can be made. For example, a search of ‘Australia ruby jersey’ will produce a more precise search.

There are two ways to buy products on eBay and this is through bidding or the buy it now function.

· Bidding: Buyers can bid on the product like a normal auction. The seller can put a reserve price on the product, in case the auction does not reach their minimum requirement. Buyers will enter bids and will be notified via email whether they are the highest bidder or not.

· ‘Buy It Now’: If the buyer does not want to wait for the auction to finish and the seller has opted for the ‘Buy It Now’ function, there will be the option to buy the product at a set price, which will be advertised, and the buyer can buy the product there and then. This is good because the buyer is guaranteed to definitely get the product and to receive it quicker, unlike using the bidding route.

Once the perfect sportswear product has been found, it is advisable to check out the seller before purchasing from them. There are two main ways that buyers can check that they are buying from a reputable seller on eBay - through reviews and ratings. Other buyers who have bought from this seller are entitled to give feedback on their experience and they can also rate them with a star rating out of five. These reviews and ratingsare impartial and are crucial to making sure the eBay buying experience runs as smooth as possible.

One can search for the best deals in men’s sportswear by checking out the ‘Men’s Sportswear’ section. Some additional fantastic discounts are to be found, along with free postage costs.


Buying the right types of sportswear for one’s needs can be quite tough, but hopefully by following this guide, the task will be made much easier. It is important to consider all of the points made in this guide and also be fully aware of what one wants to wear the items of clothing for, and whether they will need to be able to stand much wear and tear.

A massive range of sportswear clothing, such as shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits, baseball caps and socks, are available in the Men’s Clothing category on the world’s leading auction site, eBay.

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