How to Buy Outdoor Furniture on eBay

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How to Buy Outdoor Furniture on eBay

eBay is a great place to find and purchase outdoor furniture including tables, benches, chairs, fold-up chairs, and more. Usually, there are deals on outdoor furniture available on the site as well as low priced items ranging from new to used and in a variety of different conditions and qualities. Buyers can also use eBay as a place to easily search for and find nearly any style or type of furniture including a specific brand, model, or style.

Despite eBay being easy to buy from, there are always considerations to keep in mind before purchasing. Some buyers have less money to spend, others might require their furniture to arrive before a party or family visit, and others might want to know exactly what they want before searching. Buyers can use the following eBay specific information to find, purchase, and enjoy their outdoor furniture.

Choosing Outdoor Furniture

The first step to purchasing outdoor furniture on eBay is to decide on the pieces of furniture needed. Tables, chairs, benches, and a range of other styles are all popular for use as outdoor furniture. Usually, it is a good idea to evaluate the size of the space where the furniture is intended to be placed. A fold-up chair is appropriate for anyone with a small garden or balcony while anyone with a large garden or yard might prefer a table set.

Outdoor Furniture Type

This list includes basic types rather than specific types. There are many different types of tables and chairs such as French, ornate, Victorian, modern, or other similar style. Another consideration is the type of material with options often including wood, metal, plastic, or a mix of aluminium and nylon for folding chairs.

Outdoor Furniture



Usually small sized and made of wood, plastic, metal, or some type of laminate; standard size seats two to four

Portable Table

A folding table that can be collapsed; standard size seats two


A garden only seat that typically seats two to four


Standard chair with no cushions

Portable Chairs

Collapsible chair that can be brought indoors and packed away easily


Usually a set of table and chairs but can also be table, chairs, and bench

One thing to keep in mind is that not all furniture is the same size. A family of six might want to pay very close attention to the seating arrangements or size of a table because standard outdoor tables tend to be on the smaller side. However, it is not hard to find larger tables on eBay. Most furniture intended for outdoor use is made of a water resistant material such as metal, plastic, varnished wood or similar. Some options may also be available with cushions but it is most likely that these should be taken indoors when not in use.

Purchasing Outdoor Furniture Sets

Sets are a great option for anyone who needs tables and chairs or a full outdoor furniture set. These typically come with two to four chairs and a table, although options can vary. The important thing is to check the listing description to see exactly which items are available as well as which are included. Some sets might allow buyers to choose from sizes or number of chairs as well. Sets are perhaps the best option for anyone who would like matching furniture but it is important to pay attention to the cost as furniture sets can sometimes be expensive.

Purchasing Folding Outdoor Furniture

Folding furniture is another very popular option for anyone looking for outdoor furniture. Folding tables and chairs can easily be purchased on eBay in new or used condition, which makes them very easy to find. The advantages of collapsible furniture include that it is easy to move and store, so it is great for anyone who intends to go camping. Most folding furniture is also excellent for use at festivals as well.

Deciding Between New or Used Outdoor Furniture

eBay sellers list furniture in both new and used condition so buyers should try to decide which they prefer before going online. Used furniture is typically more affordable and can be better quality for the money but it may show signs of wear and tear. Any damage or wear on the furniture should be listed in the eBay item description and be visible in any photos. New items are brand new with either a box or a tag unless otherwise stated and, while more expensive, are often the preferred choice for many buyers.

Setting a Budget for Outdoor Furniture

Buyers can set a budget based on available funds, what they feel comfortable spending on outdoor furniture, and how often they plan to use the furniture. Typically, if the furniture is to be used very often, the more valuable it is to the owner, so the higher the budget can be. Someone who intends to use their garden furniture often but does not have a lot of money to spend can either choose to purchase used or look on eBay for deals on outdoor furniture before purchasing something of lower quality. This is because very cheap items are usually less quality than more expensive ones, which should be kept in mind when making a purchase.

Shipping costs should always be considered, especially when thinking of furniture. Some eBay sellers offer free shipping or allow items to be picked up but this is not always the case. Freight and shipping for a table can be expensive even if it has been taken apart so it is always a good idea to pay attention to shipping cost estimates before buying on eBay. Most buyers can ensure that the item is easier or more affordable to get by checking to make sure the seller is local before purchasing.

Checking the eBay Seller

Last but not least, it is always a good idea to pay attention to the seller before buying outdoor furniture. The first and most important thing to look at is feedback. Most eBay sellers have great feedback but if someone happens to have negative feedback, then it is not a good idea to purchase from them. This means that someone else has had a bad experience and a new buyer may as well. It is also possible to check the seller's location, which can also be helpful. For example, if the seller is located in Hong Kong, then the furniture might take weeks to arrive; if the seller is located in Sidney, it might be a day or two.

Buying Outdoor Furniture on eBay

After deciding on a budget, choosing the type of furniture you are looking for, and deciding how much space you have, you can look on eBay for deals on outdoor furniture. Remember that you can choose to search for specifics or for just 'outdoor furniture' and then browse through results until you find items that you like. Most buyers find an easy way to get the best deal is to compare multiple options and consider looking into both new and used items to see which offers the most value for the money.

Usually, the listing description and the photos should be enough to learn everything about the furniture. However, it is also possible to ask the seller a question. Consider checking the estimated shipping time for the furniture as well as anything located outside of Australia could be difficult to ship. Finally, check the seller and make your purchase.


Buying outdoor furniture on eBay is definitely not difficult but there are things to think about before just buying something. Most people should have a very good idea of what types of furniture they are looking for, how many people they have to seat, and any style preferences before going on eBay. It is also a good idea to consider a budget for a maximum purchase before buying anything.

eBay includes thousands of sellers who list items in new and used condition. A seller might list a rare high-end table, or the table might be a handmade item that sat in someone's backyard for years. Items on eBay are always different so the important thing to remember is to read the description to check the furniture, its condition, cost, and style. Other than that, buyers can simply log on, make a purchase, and wait for it to arrive.

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