How to Buy Racks on eBay

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How to Buy Racks on eBay

Vehicle racks make travelling with gear more convenient and using them means there is more space available in the vehicle for passengers or other items. Most racks mount easily to the roof, and they carry everything from luggage to bicycles. Racks vary by size and type according to what they are used for as well as what type of vehicle they are placed on.

Consumers can find a wide array of racks on eBay, as well as installation materials, covers, and accessories, which are also useful. Before deciding on the right rack, consumers need to know what they plan to use the rack for, which type of rack is best for their specific needs, and what their budget is for a rack before selecting one from the wide variety available on eBay.

Search by Rack Make

The first step in choosing a vehicle rack is for the buyers to determine the make of the vehicle the rack is going to be used for. For consumers buying a rack on eBay, it is easy to find the right rack by specifying what the make of the car is, such as racks for a Ford or a Mazda vehicle. Once the selection of car make is narrowed, buyers can see the available options to choose from, such as a Ford Explorer rack. By filtering the selection to exclude racks that do not fit the car, consumers are able to choose easily from racks that work for their specific make and model of car.

Learn About Rack Designs

There are three basic types of racks. Roof racks are the most common type, and buyers are able to see many of these on eBay. Other types of racks that are useful for small vehicles are boot racks and hitch racks, which are mainly used for bicycle transport. Boot racks attach to the boot of the vehicle, and hitch racks are commonly used with larger sport utility vehicles and are able to carry bicycles and other items.

Purchase by Rack Types

Consumers are able to purchase a rack on eBay that meets their criteria for what they plan on using the vehicle rack for. There are special racks that work well for cargo and luggage, and racks that are created solely for use with sporting goods such as surfboards or fishing poles. Most racks are mounted on the roof.

Cargo Racks

Cargo racks are typically used to carry luggage, suitcases, and other types of cargo. Consumers can find cargo racks on eBay that are easy to install on the roof of a vehicle, and these are removable so consumers are able to take them off if necessary. These racks consist of bars that are mounted horizontally across the roof of the car or truck, and items are strapped onto the bars for travel purposes.

Most cargo racks carry over 45 kg of gear, so buyers should check the weight limits before purchasing to ensure they are getting a rack that works for the weight of their cargo items. Standard cargo racks are functional and are also useful for carrying many items with the right adapters, such as sporting goods and bicycles.

Bicycle Racks

Special racks are perfect to carry bicycles for consumers who want to bring their cycles with them. The racks are actually made to fit onto an existing cargo rack, and lock the bike into place in an upright position on the roof. Most bike racks that consumers find on eBay are easily able to fit a variety of bikes that are various sizes and heights, including mountain bikes and children's bikes.

Bike racks are compatible with the standard crossbar style of cargo racks. Some racks are only capable of carrying one bike, and others carry up to four. The racks are sturdy and made of aluminium, and many racks come with locks included.

Basket/Box Racks

One type of cargo rack that some consumers may rather purchase as opposed to a bar-style cargo rack is a basket or box rack. These racks are also suitable for cargo, and purchasers can see when they browse basket racks on eBay that these racks are either open or enclosed to keep cargo secure while travelling.

A basket rack keeps items from sliding around, and straps are used to secure items to the vehicle and keep them in place. A net is also useful to protect gear that is inside a basket style rack. An enclosed rack has a hard exterior and is a good option for travellers that need to protect cargo from the elements. They are also useful for smaller or loose items.

Sporting Goods Racks

Buyers are able to find racks on eBay for an affordable price that enables them to transport everything from fishing poles to surfboards and even kayaks. Sporting good racks are essentially adapters that fit onto cargo car racks and hold many types of items. Racks meant for surfboards and kayaks are usually soft, and made of padded material. They have straps to secure the items, and the racks are easy to remove and compatible with most cargo racks. There are also mounting racks to carry a fishing pole easily, which typically use suction devices to mount them on the vehicle.

Search by Types of Racks and Their Uses

For buyers who need to use their car rack to haul a variety of items, a set of crossbars is a must. These are the bases for many adapters that carry other items.

Type of Rack

Uses and Features


Vehicle Compatibility

Cargo racks/crossbar racks


Box and basket racks

Adaptable for bikes and other goods


All types; buyer must check sizes before purchasing

Bike rack


Lock bikes in an upright position

May hold up to four bicycles

$ to $$


Surfboard rack

Soft and lightweight

Holds surfboards, kayaks, paddle boards, skis, or canoes in place



Boot rack



Car, sedan, SUV

Hitch rack



Trucks, SUV

Cargo boxes

Cargo that needs to be secured

Loose items are placed inside and protected

Protects from elements

$$$ to $$$$

All types, sizes of boxes vary

Racks do vary in price, and cargo boxes are generally the most expensive type. However, for consumers who travel during inclement weather and need to keep gear covered, they are worth the investment.

How to Purchase Racks on eBay

If you are going on a road trip and looking for the best way to haul your luggage, bicycle, or surfboard on your vehicle, then you are able to find many types of racks to meet your needs on eBay. If you know what type of rack you are looking for, type that into the search box found on any eBay page to bring up results, such as "bike racks". Otherwise, get great deals on all types of racks by using more general keywords, such as "racks", and filtering the results according to categories. Do not forget accessories like bungee cords.

Purchase racks from authorised merchants who are Top-rated sellers on eBay. Do not forget when your purchase is complete to add your feedback to the seller's page to help the seller, as well as help future buyers make smart purchasing decisions.


For consumers who enjoy taking their bikes, surfboards, fishing poles, and other sporting gear with them on trips or on vacation, a vehicle rack is a necessity. Racks are also useful for family trips in which buyers have many suitcases or items that need to be transported, and the consumers want to free up room in the vehicle itself so there is more passenger space. A rack is a great solution to a space problem and creates more vehicle room.

Some racks are more affordable than others, and buyers have a range of options available when they are searching for the perfect rack on eBay. From easy-to-install cargo racks to enclosed box racks or bike mounts, there are many choices to suit every consumer's specific needs and in every price range.

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