How to Buy Solar Panels on eBay

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How to Buy Solar Panels on eBay

Homeowners have many different choices that they must make each and every day. With the advent of new technologies, new appliances, and even new environmental concerns, there are even more decisions to make. At one time, there was only one option for supplying power to one's home and that was through a local utility service. Today, solar panels are much more affordable and practical than they once were. Many homeowners are choosing to supplement their normal electricity with solar panels, saving them money and also providing a service to the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. For those who wish to make this type of positive change, shopping for solar panels on eBay can be a great way to do it. By following just a few guidelines, it is easy to use eBay to browse and select the right solar panels for any situation.

Determine Solar Panel Location and Purpose

When shopping for solar panels on eBay, it is important to have an idea as to the future location of the solar panels as well as their ultimate purpose. Depending on the size of a home, it may not be possible to provide power to the entire home using solar power, but electricity bills can still be offset by adding some solar panels. Other homes may not use solar panels for their general electricity needs, but instead use them on a caravan or for heating a pool. It is much easier to search on eBay with these kinds of decisions already made.

Residential Solar Panels

More and more homeowners are deciding to use solar panels mounted on their homes to provide electricity. Most often, these solar panels are located on the roof of the house so that they can have maximum exposure to the sun. Looking for residential solar panels on eBay means using the search box, located on every page of the site, and entering basic terms like "solar panel" or "home solar panel". It is also possible to search for specific brand by adding those names to the search terms.

Pool Solar Panels

Even with the increased efficiency of solar panels in recent years, it is not always possible to power an entire home using them. Some homeowners prefer to limit their use of solar panels to a specific purpose, such as a pool or spa. Pool solar panels, rather than generate electricity using solar cells, actually pump the water from the pool through the panels to heat it. This can mean warm and comfortable swimming year round with these solar heating mechanisms. On eBay, either browse through all available solar panels or search specifically for "pool solar panels". For a much more limited solar option, consider water feature solar panels to power fountains or ponds.

Portable Solar Panels

Solar panels are not only an option for a stationary home or pool. Travellers who prefer to take caravan or camping holidays can also find myriad uses for solar panels. An eBay search for "caravan solar panels" returns many results for folding, portable solar panels that can be taken on the road and used at campsites. It is a good idea to look closely at the product descriptions to ensure that the portable solar panels are the right size for the caravan in question.

Choose a Solar Panel Type

When shopping for solar panels on eBay, it may also be necessary to know which type of solar panel is most effective, since different solar panel constructions can offer different results. The following table outlines the most common types of solar panels available along with their pros and cons.

Type of Solar Panel




Very efficient

Generally quite costly in comparison to other types of panels

Thin film

Affordable for most homeowners

Not as efficient in terms of generating energy

Takes up more physical space due to inefficiency

Roof shingles

More attractive on a roof since they can integrate with normal shingles

Quite costly

Less efficient than crystalline

Using specific terms like "crystalline" when searching for solar panels on eBay is a good idea for someone who knows exactly which type of panels they want. Otherwise, having some background knowledge on these pros and cons is a good way to compare those panels that are found in the course of comparison shopping.

Remember Solar Panel Installation

When shopping for solar panels that are not portable, it is important to remember that the panels need to be installed. Be sure to factor in the cost of installation labour when comparing solar panel prices in order to find those that are within an established budget. Depending on who is hired to perform the installation, the cost can be significant.

Solar Panel Shipping

Solar panels are notoriously bulky. Indeed, their size has been one reason that more homes do not utilise solar panels. This is why it is also important to keep shipping costs in mind when purchasing solar panels on eBay. Even portable solar panels can be large and bulky and, therefore, difficult or expensive to ship. Be sure to read product descriptions thoroughly to determine shipping costs. Consider using the eBay geography search feature to narrow results by location. This way, it is possible to arrange to collect the solar panels in person and avoid shipping costs altogether.

Consider Solar Panel Accessories

Aside from the solar panels themselves, it may also be a good idea to look for solar panel accessories, such as solar trackers. These devices allow solar panels to automatically adjust themselves to be pointed towards the sun, which improves solar panel efficiency. Search on eBay for "solar tracker" to find these devices for sale. Also, be sure to browse the listings of any seller who has other solar panel accessories for sale since he or she may have other relevant offerings.

How to Buy Solar Panels on eBay

The eBay interface makes it easy to find any type of solar panels and to compare prices and get the deal that makes the most sense for your situation. Once you have found the solar panels you need, there is still the matter of completing your solar panel purchase. The total price of the solar panels should be made clear in the item listing. If you have any remaining questions about the cost, the condition of the solar panels, or anything else, be sure to contact the seller. Simply send them a message using the eBay interface. Once your questions have been answered, follow the easy payment process to complete the purchase and await the arrival of your new solar panels.


There are many reasons why someone may want to purchase solar panels. Some people may want to save money on their regular utility bills, while others purchase solar panels for purely environmental reasons. No matter what the ultimate motivation is behind a solar panel purchase, shopping for the panels on eBay can certainly make the experience a bit easier. On eBay, it is possible to find many different types and styles of solar panels from sellers around the world. Using this fact to comparison shop makes buying solar panels more efficient overall. Buying solar panels on eBay can also mean easy and affordable shipping, which brings solar panels right to the door of the buyer with no further agonising about transportation. Shopping for solar panels on eBay can save time and money while also offering a green solution to many energy needs.

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