How to Buy Spacers

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How to Buy Spacers

Wheel spacers offer a wide range of advantages. Not only do spacers help improve handling and stability, correct wheel offset, and increase brake calliper clearance, but they also provide owners with a safer and smoother ride. However, it is important to keep a few things in mind when buying wheel spacers to ensure they offer the best fit for the vehicle on the first try. The size of the spacers, necessary tools, and additional spacer accessories are all important factors to consider.


How to determine spacer size

Before ordering spacers, car owners must first determine the size of the vehicle wheel spacers they need. Using spacers that are too large can cause damage to the tyres, while spacers that are too small may not achieve the desired results. Car owners can determine their spacer sizes by measuring the clearance, or wheel gaps, between the tyres and fenders of vehicles.

Tape measure method

To measure with a tape measure, owners place strips of masking tape on the fenders and then place small objects on the ends to ensure the strips hang down in a straight line. They then measure the distance from the beginning of the tape, where it touches the fender, to the edge of the tyre. A properly sized spacer is slightly smaller than the clearance. For example, if the distance between the tyre and fender is 10mm, an 8mm spacer is an appropriate size.

Ruler method

This spacer measurement method requires two rulers. Owners place one ruler vertically against the tyre, extending from the bottom of the fender, and then use the other ruler to measure horizontally to the outside of the tyre. An appropriate spacer is slightly smaller than the clearance between the tyre and the vertical ruler.

Wheel pin tool method

To use the wheel pin tool method, owners remove one wheel from the vehicle and insert at least one pin into the hub. They start sliding washers onto the tool and push them flush against the surface of the hub. Next, they place the wheel onto the pin tool until it comes in contact with the brake calliper. It is sometimes necessary to remove the wheel and add more washers if it does not touch the calliper before sliding the wheel onto the pin tool again to test the distance. Owners repeat this process until the wheel has sufficient clearance, and the total measurement of all washers used is the ideal spacer size.


Purchasing spacer wheel bolts or studs

All wheel spacers require spacer bolts or wheel spacer studs to secure them in place. In addition to choosing the right spacers, vehicle owners must have bolts or studs that are the correct size.

Calculating spacer bolt size

To determine which bolt is necessary, owners should calculate the total of their stock bolts plus the thickness of their new wheel spacers. For example, if a stock bolt is 25mm and a spacer is 15mm, then a 40mm bolt is ideal. If a bolt is too long, it could cause other parts of the vehicle, such as the parking brake, to not work properly.

Determining spacer stud size

If a stud is necessary, the length of the stub protruding from the hub, size of the brake rotor hat, wheel nut turns, depth of the wheel bolt bore, and size of the new spacer are all important factors to consider when choosing a wheel spacer stud. Generally, choosing spacers that include extension studs or spacers and studs by the same manufacturer is ideal, as it eliminates the guesswork and reduces the risk of mismatched sizing between the components.


Tools necessary for spacer installation

Vehicle owners who plan on installing spacers themselves need a variety of tools on hand to safely secure the wheel spacers. A car jack, tyre iron, torque wrench, wire brush, and degreaser are all necessary tools for the job. They should also consult the directions on the packaging of spacers or on manufacturing sites to determine if any additional tools or accessories are necessary. In some cases, special instructions may apply to the installation of wheel spacers on specific vehicle makes and models.


How to buy spacers on eBay

Take the necessary steps to determine the right spacers for your vehicle and then look to the authorised sellers on eBay to find what you need. You can find wheel spacers for a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs and all-terrain vehicles. Search for local sellers to cut down on shipping costs and times and consider purchasing a wheel spacer kit to get everything you need to enhance the appearance and performance of your vehicle in a single, convenient package. 

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