How to Buy Speaker Cables on eBay

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How to Buy Speaker Cables on eBay

Speaker cables and headphones output sound in the same way, but they differ in thickness. Speaker cables are generally larger than headphone cables because they are expected to carry much more power to the speakers to generate sound. Sometimes the cables on speakers and headphones need to be replaced. It is also possible to repair headphones rather than buy new ones. Many models come with detachable cables, so they can be replaced easily.

When it is time to replace the cables, there are many factors to consider, such as the connector type, condition of the cable, and cable dressing. Visit eBay for lots of options and low prices. Buyers can also save extra money by using the location refinement to reduce postage and handling costs, or buying a cable from the eBay Deals section.

Type of Connector for Speaker Cables

Speaker cables are used to connect speakers or headphones to audio output devices. When searching for speaker cables on eBay, it is important to take note of the connector type. Two main types of plugs are used in audio connection: long, narrow plugs and short, rectangular USB plugs. If trying to connect a larger plug to a device with a small 2.5 millimetre plug or slightly larger 3.5 mm plug, consider buying a headphone adapter.

2.5 Millimetre Plug

2.5 millimetre plugs are the smallest available. They are cylindrical and metal with a slightly pointed tip. They are limited in their capability because they have low power output and input. They are used to connect small electronic devices and are primarily found on cables used for speakers, small microphones, and headsets for mobile phones and tablets.

3.5 Millimetre Plug

3.5 millimetre plugs are sometimes known as mini jacks. They are also cylindrical and metal. They are usually found on household electronics and devices, such as the tablets, computers, and MP3 players. They are also found on more substantial headphones that provide better sound quality.

6.35 Millimetre Plug

6.35 millimetre plugs are also known as phono plugs. They are a larger version of the other the plugs and shaped similarly. They are used on larger types of audio equipment, such as hi-fis, amplification systems, and electric instruments. The cable attached to this plug is also thicker, making it more durable and able to carry more power, thus it offers better audio quality.

USB Plugs

USB plugs are newer technology and are useful for sharing digital audio information and powering devices. These plugs are found on cables for speakers that connect to computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other digital equipment.

USB Type


Common Devices



Four pins with a wide flat prong


USB hubs


Four pins with a small square prong

Two pins at the top and two pins at the bottom

External CD players



Hard drives

Mini USB

Five pins with a smaller flat prong

All five pins on top



Mobile phones

Micro USB

Very small

Five pins set very close together in a flat prong


Mobile phones

USB 3.0

Varying prong shapes

Nine pins lining the top and bottom of the prong

Variety of devices

Each of the different styles of USB plug is typically manufactured with two body styles: flat and rectangular, or short and square. They are used to transfer different kinds of information. The USB-A, Mini and Micro USB plugs are most likely to be used for audio cables on small devices and computers.

Cable Dressing

When looking for a speaker cable on eBay be aware that cables for headphones can have different cabling arrangements. Headphones have one cable connected to the left earpiece and a separate cable connected to the right earpiece. These separate wires provide the audio information. Earbuds, and smaller headphones use a Y-cable that consists of one cable for a section of the cable's length, which then splits into two, one going to each earpiece. Headphone users may prefer to get a cable with extra length for more freedom of movement while listening to music. It is possible to buy extra long cables or extensions.

Buying Speaker Cables on eBay

You can save some time and money by buying your speaker cables on eBay. The site is filled with products listed by individual sellers and dealers. To find the type of speaker cable you  need quickly, use the search engine. This allows you to look for a single item within moments. Just enter in the search terms, such as "Headset to iPhone cable" and eBay locates your preferred items. The matching product listings are returned in a results page. The eBay Deals section can provide you with an additional way of saving money. The listings found here are usually available at a discounted price or with free delivery.

Read the Item Description

Read the item description carefully before buying speaker cables on eBay. Check the connector types and ensure that they match the speaker and the devices to be connected. Look at the photos and check for signs of wear and tear for pre-owned speaker cables. If there are any questions that are not answered within the information provided, then contact the seller directly for further details. Reliable sellers are always willing to help to promote a positive transaction. Review the seller's feedback to check that he or she offers good quality products and excellent customer service.

Check the Condition of Speaker Cables

The condition of the speaker cables is an important factor, especially when shopping for used products on eBay. The condition of the cable can impair the quality of sound information coming through if damaged. The cable can also be hazardous if it is bent and the wires are exposed. These items should be avoided. eBay makes it possible for users to shop by condition of the product.

Filter items by condition and choose between new, used, or another modifier, such as "New: Never Used", which means that the item may be pre-owned, but has never been opened or used by the seller. All of these options separate the products into a smaller list based on the item's specific condition. Consider buying an item listed as "Brand New" to get a product with no wear and tear.

Find Local Sellers

Buyers should consider buying from local sellers to save money on postage and handling. It can also help cut down on the waiting period for the speaker cables to arrive. Narrow down the selection of products by the choosing the seller's location using the filter. Enter in a postcode and a search radius to look for matching listings within a limited area.


Speaker cables are used to carry audio information to a pair of speakers or headphones. When buying speaker cables on eBay, there are a few factors to consider. The type of connection and cable dressing determine whether the cables fit the speakers and devices, and provide good audio quality. The connector type is most important feature as it allows the cable to connect to the audio playing device and the speakers or headphones. Most speakers and headphone cables use a 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm, or 6.35 mm plug, while smaller headphones for computers and tablets may use a USB plug. Buyers may choose to look exclusively for new cables as opposed to used cables. Buying from local sellers can help to save some money and delivery time.

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