How to Buy Trailer Parts on eBay

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How to Buy Trailer Parts on eBay

For people with large recreational equipment like boats, or even horses, travelling long distances to enjoy these hobbies can be difficult to arrange. In many instances, it makes sense to invest in a trailer that can carry this type of equipment easily when attached to the back of the family vehicle. But while a trailer can indeed be quite convenient, it can also become damaged and need repair from time to time. When this happens, it is often necessary to purchase replacement trailer parts. One of the best places to find and compare trailer parts for sale is on eBay. Because the site lists items from sellers around the world, it is all the more likely that the perfect trailer part is there, waiting to be purchased. The process of buying trailer parts on eBay, whether they replace broken or worn out parts or add to the aesthetic or convenience of the trailer, is a simple process that should go quite smoothly with just a little preparation.

Determine Type of Trailer Part

The first step towards finding the best trailer part for any situation is to determine which type of part is necessary. Because trailers are pulled behind other vehicles, they are generally not very complicated in terms of their construction and mechanics. This means that there are not as many types of trailer parts as there are, for instance, car parts. Still, it is much easier to search eBay for the right part when that part has been clearly identified.

Trailer Lights

One of the trailer parts that is most frequently in need of replacement are the lights. Many large trailers feature tail lights that are wired to the those of the towing vehicle in order to alert the vehicles behind the trailer of braking as well as to increase visibility overall. These lights can easily become damaged, either from an accident or from normal wear and tear, and need to be replaced. To buy trailer lights on eBay, use the search box and enter relevant terms, such as "replacement trailer lights". It is then possible to use the eBay filters to narrow down the search until the right lights are found.

Trailer Couplers

The beauty of a trailer is that it can be easily transported across long distances by a reliable vehicle. This means added storage space for large, heavy items that would not be able to fit into the car. In order for the trailer to do its job, though, it must be securely connected to the vehicle. The mechanism that connects the trailer to the vehicle is known as a trailer coupl er and it is a necessary trailer part for anyone wanting to tow a trailer. While a trailer may come standard with a coupling, it may not. The coupler also may become damaged and need to be replaced, which is when shopping for a trailer coupler on eBay is a good idea.

Types of Trailer Tongues

In order to determine which type of coupler a trailer needs, it is important to look at the trailer's tongue. The following table outlines the three most common types of trailer tongues, each of which is available on eBay.

Tongue Type


Typically Used For


Plain straight and flat tongue with a square mounting sleeve

Lighter trailers and loads


Solid steel tongue

Heavy trailers and loads


Long and tubular tongue

Heavy trailers, such as horse trailers

When searching eBay, it can be useful to include these keywords in any search for a coupler. That way, the results shown are much more likely to be compatible with that tongue type.

Trailer Wheels

Trailer wheels, or tyres, are another integral part of any trailer. Just as car tyres can be damaged or go flat, so can trailer wheels. When looking for trailer wheels on eBay, be sure to consider the shipping costs that may be required because wheels can be quite heavy. It is possible to save on shipping costs by using the eBay geography filter, which allows users to search for items only in their immediate vicinity and arrange a pickup rather than incur shipping charges. Be sure to check with the seller before purchase to ensure that he or she is amenable to this arrangement.

Ensure Trailer Compatibility

Before purchasing any trailer parts on eBay, it is essential to find out whether those parts are compatible with the trailer in question. In many cases, this is obvious from the item listing. In other cases, however, it may be necessary to take specific measurements or to consult the trailer's original documentation to make sure that the part is the right size and is made of the right material. Remember that on eBay, it is possible to contact sellers directly with questions as well, and they may have further details regarding the part's compatibility.

Consider Used Trailer Parts

Shopping on eBay is quite affordable under any circumstances, but those savings can be even more significant for those who are willing to consider purchasing used trailer parts. Many trailer parts can be extremely durable and, therefore, a used part can be just as reliable as a new part at a fraction of the cost. Use the eBay filters to look at results only for used trailer parts in order to find these deals on trailer parts. Do exercise caution when purchasing used trailer parts and be sure to examine all photographs as well as inquire as to any existing damage before completing the transaction.

Browse Trailer Accessories

In addition to the parts that make a trailer function properly and safely, there are also a number of trailer accessories that can make things more convenient. For example, some trailer owners choose to equip their trailer brakes with an electronic braking system that allows them to easily control the brakes on the trailer from the interior of their vehicle. While this may not be necessary for every type of trailer, the bigger and heavier the trailer, the more essential these types of accessories become. When shopping on eBay for trailer parts, it may be a good idea to look through sellers' other items since oftentimes, someone who is selling one trailer part is also selling many trailer accessories. In some cases, sellers are even willing to combine shipping charges when more than one item is bought, so be sure to ask about that as well.

How to Purchase Trailer Parts on eBay

Once you have found the trailer part, or parts, that are designed to fit your trailer and meet whatever trailer needs you have, you can complete your purchase on eBay. The process to complete the transaction on eBay is fairly simple. However, it is important to ensure that all of your questions about the item are answered before you proceed. This means reading the item description thoroughly, examining any photos that are included, and contacting the seller directly if any confusion remains. Once you are certain about the trailer parts, the eBay purchase and payment system is quite easy to complete. The only remaining step is to wait for your item's delivery or schedule a pickup with the seller.


Having a trailer for a car or truck is a great way to add a significant amount of storage space or a way to tow other vehicles and sporting equipment, like boats or motorcycles. But towing a trailer can also be a dangerous proposition if the trailer or towing vehicle is not properly equipped. This is why any damaged trailer parts should be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Luckily, shopping for, and purchasing, trailer parts on eBay is both simple and affordable. By using the many search and filtering features, it is possible to compare all sorts of trailer parts from around the country and even around the world. Whether it is a matter of repair or accessorising, buying trailer parts on eBay can be the best solution in many cases.

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