How to Buy Used Men’s Boots

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How to Buy Used Men’s Boots

A boot is a form of footwear that is designed with both style and functionality in mind. Their lengths range from ankle to knee depending on the style, and most have a rubber heel that stands out as a prominent feature. They protect the legs from all types of environmental hazards, while providing support to the feet. If a man is looking for a new style of footwear to try, a boot should be their first choice.

When the time comes and a man looks to acquire a used pair of boots, they should have only one shopping destination in mind. eBay provides great deals on all styles of boot, making sure that shoppers get the best possible price time after time.

Work Boots

Many men spend their day in working environments that place heavy emphasis on the feet and lower legs. When this is the case heavy-duty boots are required. It’s important to take how many hours a day a pair of boots will be worn into consideration. Also think about the impact that they will have on the feet, ankles, knees, and lower back.

· The ultimate boot for foot protection and joint support.

· Can command a hefty fee due to their high-quality build.

· Remember that style isn’t the key factor to consider when buying work boots.

· A pair of work boots should be ATSM or OSHA certified.

· Popular versions of work boot are made out of real leather or synthetic leather.

· Steel toecap boots are the best choice for insuring that the toes are well protected.

Boots built for the work environment are worth their weight in gold when worn correctly. Remember, shoppers get what they pay for when it comes to work boots, so quality may not come cheap.

Hiking Boots

Hiking has become a popular activity for men due to its adventurous elements, but what aren’t as well noted are its health benefits. However, to get the best out of this activity, hikers will need to wear the appropriate footwear. Always remember that hiking in the wrong footwear is detrimental to the feet.

· Hiking boots are constructed to support the feet, knees and ankles.

· They cushion the feet and protect them from the strain of rough terrain and weather.

· They’re light enough to allow for maximum manoeuvrability, whilst aiding stamina in the process.

· They have the ability to turn a painful walk into something quite pleasurable.

Hiking may not immediately appeal to some, but the health benefits are unrivalled. The key element of any hike is the right footwear, and men can’t go far wrong with a specialised pair of hiking boots.

Western Boots

What was once the epitome of the Texas cowboy look is now a global fashion statement. From a functional standpoint, they help men remain in the saddle when horseback riding. However, this use doesn’t apply to most men and style is actually the main reason for purchase.

· Long lasting and intricate in design.

· Not overly functional outside of general wear.

· A fashion statement that suits various outfits.

· Not applicable for every man, but without doubt a daring choice of footwear.

· Available in a wide variety of colours and materials.

· When shopping for a pair of western boots always make comfort a priority, as they are the one style that is sure to get regular use.

Dress Boots

Dress boots are short in stature and a casual option for all men. They provide support for the ankle joint, and are a great option for those who want a traditional piece of footwear.

· Made by various brands in a multitude of styles.

· Also known as Chelsea boots.

· Became famous in the 1960s, as they were worn by the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

· Built to withstand tough elements, making them perfect for clubbing and social events.

Motorcycle Boots

When riding a motorcycle, one of the key pieces of attire required is a suitable pair of boots. Thankfully, there are specialist boots available that are perfect for motorcycle riders.

· Typically have a low heel that aids control of the vehicle.

· Made out of thick leather, can also come with spread padding and absorbent materials.

· Can have added parts like metal that improve the boots style and appearance.

· Wet weather motorcycle boots will have a Gore-tex or Sympatex lining, which ensures the feet remain dry.

· Generally shorter than western boots.

Buying Used

Purchasing a pair of used boots is far from complicated, but getting a high quality pair can be a little tricky. Men need to know that buying used isn’t fool proof, even if it does present the opportunity to get branded boots at a fraction of the RRP. It pays to be diligent and intuitive. One can do this by speaking to the seller and getting a better grasp on an item’s condition.

· How old are the boots?

· How regularly were the boots worn?

· What condition are the boots in?

· Have the boots suffered any scratches, tears or scuffs?

· Have the boots been specially tailored?

· Have the boots been subjected to any repairs?


There are plenty of brands to pick from when shopping for men’s boots, and shoppers are likely to come across the following names on eBay:

· Clarks

· Windsor Smith

· H-Wood

· Hush Puppies

· Box Fresh

· Urge

· Jules Marlow

· Dr Martens

· Ben Sherman

· G-Star

· Brando

· Double Oak Mills

· Antoine and Stanley

· Palladium

· Beau Coops

· Schmoove    

Don’t be misled into believing that all brands produce the same product, because they don’t. Every brand has a different target market and sizing system in place. Take the time to get to know the brands listed, and only buy a pair of boots if they feel suitable.

How to Purchase Used Men’s Boots on eBay

Men’s boots are a staple of any outfit, and should be a feature of every man’s wardrobe. It isn’t completely necessary to acquire a multitude of boots, but it is crucial to own a comfortable and hardwearing pair. Looking at those detailed in this guide will help shoppers figure out what used boots are suitable for them.

After coming to a decision on what boots to buy, head to the clothing, shoes, accessories section on eBay before selecting men's shoes and boots. After browsing through a few listings, use the search modifiers to narrow down the results. If shoppers want to find a certain, size, brand, design or material of boot, they should take advantage of the advanced search options. For more information on how to use eBay’s search tools, take a look at the search tips page.

Buying used carries a small element of risk, so make sure the order is covered financially. Always pay for purchases with PayPal, and take advantage of the buyer protection program.


Boots may not immediately spring to mind as a fashion choice for men, but they’re actually a diverse way to improve an outfit. Far from monotonous, boots are adventurous style choices that are both comfortable and stylish. Buying new may seem like the only choice, but buying used is now a great way to acquire boots and save money.

All styles of boot, no matter size or shape, can be found on eBay and purchased in just a few clicks.

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