How to Buy Used Record Players

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How to Buy Used Record Players

Record players have varied in their popularity throughout the years, however, overall has formed their own niche form of playing music. Since the introduction of CD and MP3 players, record players have certainly reinvented their presence as people look to listen to their chosen music through a technology that cannot be beaten for its warmth and tone when it comes to playing music.

Many people purchase record players as used for several reasons. This includes the fact that certain models or brands are no longer in production. Furthermore, on the likes of eBay, used record players can often be found at more affordable prices than those that are brand new.

Used Record Player Condition

When buying a used record player the chances are that it may not be in prime working condition. Furthermore, if one can be found that is in mint condition then they will be highly priced.

It is worth purchasing a used record player if one enjoys fixing or repairing record players or if it is more cost effective to buy one that needs small repairs.

However, if planning on purchasing a used record player, it is worth understanding the various faults that occur, and the different components of a record player that can be affected.

Below is table explaining the various components that are often faulty when purchasing a used record player:

Used Record Player Component

About and Faults

Tone Arm

The tone arm controls whether or not the record is played. This is the component of the record player that keeps the needle steady on the record player and this is done through the use of a weight at the opposing end to the needle.

The tone arm can often be mishandled, meaning that it does not effectively keep the needle in place to allow for a smooth playing of the record. What with their being automatic tone arms available, the mechanism may also become faulty. Replacement tone arms can be found on the likes of eBay.


The needle is the part of the record player that will most often need replacing. Record player needles sit at the end of the tone arm and are placed on the record in order to help the transferal of the audio signal to the amplifier.

Due to its fragile nature it can often become bent or frayed. Not only is this detrimental to the sound quality, it can also damage the record being played.

If a used record player is being purchased that requires a needle replacement, they can be found easily at affordable prices and can even be purchased in small packs for improved cost-effectiveness.


The platter is the part of the record player than the record is placed in whilst it is in use. The platter is removable and is available in a number of materials, such as wood or plastic. One of the fundamental purposes of the platter is to keep the record as flat as possible whilst it spins.

If the platter is damaged in anyway this can lead to further damage to the record and ultimately the needle, thus meaning that both the platter and the needle may need replacing.


The plinth provides the main external frame for the record player. Plinths come in a variety of different sizes but are usually found to be square to provide a stable surface for the rest of the components to function smoothly.

Whilst it isn’t necessarily integral to the actual playing of the record, plinths can get scratched or dented and play an important role in the overall aesthetic of the record player. Unlike record players needles or tone arms, plinths are not as replaceable but scratches and dents are common amongst used record players.


The motor of the record player provides the power to allow for the record player to function. A lot of older, used record players will be found that use a belt motor. Belt-drive record players are commonly found on the likes of eBay but they require a higher level of knowledge regarding the replacement of record player components than the likes of needles.

If a belt motor needs replacing, it may be worth visiting an expert record player dealer who can advise on the best places to replace this part of the record player.


The output jacks form the connection between the record player and the speakers or amplifier that are required to allow for the record player to be heard.

Much like replacing motor parts, outputs are a lot harder to replace and require some experience with replacing electrical parts of this nature.

Used Record Player Necessities

When buying a used record player, one needs to make sure that they have a number of other pieces of electrical equipment to allow for the record player to be used in the best possible way.


An amplifier needs to be purchased or needs to be owned in order to transfer to audio signal from the record player to the speakers. There are a number of different types of amplifier available on the likes of eBay and they are available at a number of different performance levels in terms of power, quality and versatility. Without an amplifier most record players will not be able to be heard through speakers.


Again, speakers are necessary in order to hear the audio that is picked up by the record player stylus and cartridge. Speakers are connected to the amplifier and they are the source of audio for any record player. Much like with record players and amplifiers, speakers are available at a varying degree of performance level.

To get the best out of a record player, speakers need to perform at a high level if the best sound quality is to be gained. There are plenty of online resources available to help determine the best type of speakers for certain record players. These resources are particularly useful for help regarding older or vintage record players that may require a certain level of sensitivity or for used record players that may use older forms of technology.

Finding a Used Record Player on eBay

Whilst eBay is home to a number of new record players, one of the benefits of using the site is that record players of all ages and brands can also be found.

To view the site’s extensive range of used record players, take the following steps:

· Visit the Electronics section by choosing that option from the main menu.

· Click on the Audio link at the side of the page.

· Select the Record Player/Home Turntables refinement tab.

· Click on the Used Condition refinement tab.

Buying a Used Record Player on eBay

eBay allows for buyers of used record players to use the three buying options made available for everyone who wishes to make a purchase using the site.

One can place a Bid in an auction for the record player or, if the option is made available, one can make a Best Offer. Furthermore, there may be the chance to make a purchase using the Buy It Now option but this tends not to be available for used products on the site.

It is also worth browsing the Deals section to see the best deals sought out and provided by eBay.


The best way of buying a used record player is by using an auction site such as eBay. The site offers comparatively affordable prices, whilst PayPal allows for a safe and secure transaction to take place.

When buying used record players it is also important to note that older products or record players that are no longer in production may require a level of maintenance and may even require replacement of certain components. Getting to know these components can help with an efficient and simple replacement process if necessary.

Be sure to read product descriptions and study images carefully to make sure that the used record player being purchased is in a condition that makes the purchase cost-effective and worthwhile.

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