How to Buy Used Shorts

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How to Buy Used Shorts

Shorts are a form of lower body clothing, characterised by their length; shorts do not cover the whole leg, rather leaving an area of indeterminate size from the ankle upwards exposed. This makes them cooler to wear than other forms of leg wear, resulting in shorts often being worn during the summer. Shorts can have various functions; from sporting activities like cycling to casual leisure wear. The form of the short will vary greatly depending upon this function.

This guide will cover the various features of shorts in great detail, specifically focusing on the advantages of buying used and second hand shorts. This guide will also explain how to buy used shorts on eBay, the popular auctioning website.

Information about Shorts

Shorts were adapted from full-leg pants, which have been in widespread use since pre-historic times, when they would have been made from animal skins. Pants have become perhaps the most widespread form of leg wear in the modern world, and maintain their status as the most respectable and formal choice.

However, in warm climates, pants are far less comfortable, owing to the fact that they cover the whole leg. Shorts are, as such, the natural choice in hot weather, allowing circulation of air around the leg, and making for a far more comfortable item of clothing.

Types of Shorts

Shorts are worn by both men and women alike, in countries all across the globe. There are many kinds of shorts, each with specific purposes and features suited to those purposes. The following is a list of the most commonly worn types, with brief descriptions of their features. Note: there are many kinds of shorts; the following list covers just a few of the more popular kinds.

  • Cargocargo shorts are casual, usually khaki shorts, featuring numerous external pockets with flaps. Not considered formal, but extremely practical and stylish.
  • Denimdenim shorts are very popular, and come in many styles. Often, they will be cut short well above the knee, and are sometimes frayed.
  • Cyclingcycling shorts are designed specifically for the sport. They are skin-tight to increase aerodynamic potential, and are usually made of lycra or spandex.
  • Gymgym shorts are loose fitting and breathable, making them a good choice of sporting short, but are often worn casually as well.
  • BermudaBermuda shorts are essentially knee length trousers, often considered acceptable to wear at formal occasions.
  • Boxerboxer shorts, or briefs, are worn by men as underwear.
  • Three-Quarter Pantsthree-quarter length pants are considered to be somewhere between shorts and pants, usually cutting off midway between the ankle and the knee.
  • Chino – ‘chino’ fabric is used to make trousers and shorts; chino shorts are versatile, being worn in both casual and formal environments.
  • Boardboard shorts are loose fitting, breathable shorts designed to be worn whilst surfboarding; as such they dry very quickly.

What to Consider when Buying Shorts

This section of the guide will cover the most important factors to consider when buying shorts.

  • Size – naturally, size is hugely important; buying the wrong size will result in a pair of shorts that aren’t a good fit. Shorts are usually measured by the diameter of the waist in inches.
  • Function – think carefully about what the shorts are required for. For instance, a cyclist would buy specifically cycling shorts.
  • Style – it is important to think about the kind of overall aesthetic you want to achieve, and how well the shorts being considered fit with that look. This includes such considerations as material, shape, and colour.
  • Material – the material used affects both function and style, and should be given thought.

Why Buy Used?

Clothing, as with any commodity, can be expensive. Sometimes, the cost of a desired new item (in this case a pair of shorts) simply cannot be justified. However, the longer an item is owned and used, the less valuable it becomes. A previously owned or used item will have a lower market value, and as such is often the more sensible and practical option for a buyer.

Buying used, whilst allowing the same items to be acquired for a considerably lower price, also has potential drawbacks. To avoid these, careful thought needs to be given to the various aspects of the purchase. The buyer must balance the following considerations with the need for a reduced price:

  • Condition – used items will obviously have seen some previous wear, which can result in deterioration. Consider whether the product has seen too much use to match the price being asked.
  • Style – fashion is very changeable. Buying a used item means buying an older item; consider whether the item being bought will still be fashionable enough for the wearer’s purposes.
  • Seller – it is important to consider the reputation and history of the vendor when buying used goods. Users of eBay are able to see every seller’s feedback and ratings from other users, allowing them to determine the trustworthiness of that seller.

How to Buy Used Shorts on eBay

The hugely popular online marketing platform eBay is the perfect web based location from which to shop for used shorts. It sports an immense selection of products, combined with an intuitive user interface, which make it extremely suitable.

To find the correct section of the website, there are two methods that can be applied. The first consists of following the links to the various section headings. Begin from the eBay homepage. From here, click the Fashion heading, found in the page’s left hand margin. Lastly, follow the Men’s Clothing link, followed by the ‘Shorts’ category.

The item listings should now display only items that fit into the category defined as ‘shorts’. The second option is to use the search bar to reach the desired location. Simply type shorts, along with any other requisite factors, into the bar (which is located near the top of the page), and click the search button.

The listings can be customised using various ‘filtering options’, which can be found to the left of the page, and allow the user to refine their search based on their requirements. These filtering options include brand, size, type, colour, material, condition, price, and seller’s location. Clicking on an item in the listings will relocate the user to that item’s individual page, which contains detailed information about that item, as well as information about the seller (such as feedback and ratings).

It is this array of customisable and helpful features, combined with the tremendous selection of items available, that make eBay such a great place to shop online for used shorts.


Shorts are similar to trousers, but are reduced in length, leaving areas of the skin exposed. This allows a better airflow to the legs, making shorts the perfect choice in any warm climate, where temperature regulation is important. Buying used allows a customer to attain a higher quality pair of shorts for a lower price. Important factors to consider when buying used shorts include:

  • Size
  • Function
  • Style
  • Material
  • Condition
  • Price
  • Seller

This guide concludes that eBay is the perfect place to shop for used shorts, owing to its huge selection and user-friendly interface.

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