How to Buy Vintage Car Parts on eBay

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How to Buy Vintage Car Parts on eBay

Vintage cars are usually thought of as old, classic cars. However, the dictionary of collectors and car enthusiasts defines vintage as any car that was manufactured between 1919 and 1930. Other types of cars include vintage, antique, classic and modern. Because there are so many different categories for defining cars, car clubs try to maintain a consensus on what each category entails.
Collecting vintage cars is a popular hobby and has become even more so now that it is so easy to find cars on the Internet. The Internet has also made it much easier to find vintage car parts. They can be acquired on eBay from a variety of sellers and buyers can often find really great deals on vintage car parts and the tools needed to install them.

Vintage Car Parts

Although finding vintage cars has gotten a lot easier, it can still be difficult to find the correct vintage car parts. The parts aren’t manufactured any longer and some of them can be very rare. However, some vintage car parts are quite similar to modern car parts and can even be interchangeable. Getting the right car parts requires a little bit of research and knowledge and can sometimes be quite expensive.
Working with a professional mechanic or auto restoration professional can help a buyer figure out which car parts a certain car needs. Looking for these parts on eBay is a great place to start. eBay brings together sellers from all over the world so there is a better chance of finding a piece than simply visiting a single car parts dealer.
Vintage car collectors and enthusiasts often join on-line clubs and communities that are dedicated to vintage cars. Joining one of these communities is a good way to track down more information about a particular car. If a buyer has questions about which parts a vintage car needs or wants to speak to an owner of the same type of car, this is a great way to connect.


Types of Vintage Car Parts


Vintage wheels need to be replaced often because they weren’t built to be as durable as modern car wheels. Often the car is very heavy and puts quite a bit more strain on them. Also, older cars tended to have less shock absorption. Buyers should check the proper measurements of the vehicle in order to ensure that he or she is purchasing the right tyres.

Rubber Components

Rubber components on a car are things like door seals, weather-stripping and other parts that are very important to a car but usually don’t have a long lifespan. These types of parts need to be replaced frequently but, unfortunately, can be some of the hardest parts to track down.


Many of the instruments used in older cars, like clocks, radios and speedometers, can easily be damaged and need to be replaced often. It’s possible to replace some of these parts with instruments from different types of cars sometimes because many vehicles shared the same basic design.

Engine Parts

Engine parts are very important and can get expensive to replace. It’s worth examining the car in order to find out how much the replacements will cost because sometimes they are more than the value of the car itself. Make sure that the car has all of the correct engine parts before purchase, because this is vital to the life of the car.

Other Vintage Car Parts

There are many other parts of a vintage car that will require replacement from time to time. Exhaust parts and exterior parts like doors, bumpers, mirrors, etc. will likely need to be replaced sooner than interior parts because they get more exposure to the elements. However, these parts are also more widely available. Buyers can search the inventory on eBay to find out if these particular parts are for sale and how much they cost.


Buying Vintage Car Parts on eBay

Vintage car parts of all kinds can be bought from different sellers on eBay. Enter the part, make and model that you wish to buy in the search field and browse through to see if any of the sellers have that specific part. Be sure to look closely at the year, make, model and any other descriptors to be sure that you are buying the proper part meant for your car. The search can be narrowed by price, location and other details in order to refine the results. Working with a local seller can help to avoid delivery costs, which can be expensive if the item is heavy or arriving from far away.

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